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Workout Gear

Be Well Philly

This New Local Activewear Brand Is Creating Gender-Neutral, Size-Inclusive Workout Clothes

Two years ago, Philly-based queer personal trainer Anna Claire Loper was on a mission to find new workout shorts — ones with a boxer-style design […]

Be Well Philly

Addison Bay’s Biggest Clothing Collection Just Dropped and We’re Here. For. It.

Since launching in 2018, Philly-based activewear company Addison Bay has evolved in all the best ways. Starting out as a local e-tailer curating all the […]

Be Well Philly

You’ve Now Got Yet Another Studio to Take Treadmill Classes Near Philly

For the past two years, treadmill classes have become  incredibly popular. And no wonder: The high-intensity workouts often combine cardio with strength training, all set […]

Be Well Philly

Sorry, We’re Never Changing Out of Addison Bay’s New Leggings

Some people will say leggings are not pants and should only be saved for the gym. We’re here to remind you that you don’t need […]

Be Well Philly

A Chic Activewear Boutique Is Popping up in Suburban Square

Figuring out what to wear for your workout is *almost* as important as crushing your workout. Whether you’re tapping it back on a bike, running […]

barrys bootcamp philadelphia review
Be Well Philly

Take a Look Inside Philly’s New Barry’s Bootcamp

Well, folks, it’s finally here. After months of rumors and anticipation, Barry’s Bootcamp finally opened in Rittenhouse on November 16th. And while I know many of […]

treadmill classes review
Be Well Philly

I Hate Treadmills, But I’m Obsessed With Treadmill Classes

My arms are pumping. My feet are pounding. The room is dark, with strategically placed spotlights creating a dramatic contrast. Just as my body starts […]

Be Well Philly

It’s Finally Here! Barry’s Bootcamp Opens This Saturday in Rittenhouse

Yup, we’ve been waiting since it was announced last spring, and the day is finally here. Barry’s Bootcamp, the HIIT-based fitness boutique, will open in […]

Be Well Philly

Running Was Her Therapy. Now Running Attire Is Her Business.

The first time Naseemah Palmer saw the tens of thousands of Broad Street racers passing through South Philly, she wanted to run with them. She […]

Be Well Philly

5 Stylish Gym Bags You Can Buy From Philly Retailers

Many of us don’t put much thought into what bag we bring to the gym. We throw our essentials into whatever is lying around — […]

Endeavor Athletic Bellevue
Be Well Philly

Endeavor Athletic Just Opened a New Boutique in Center City

Back in early 2018, Endeavor Athletic, a Philadelphia-based athletic wear company, landed on our radar when they opened an incredibly cool pop-up shop in Rittenhouse. Co-founded […]

bluetooth running headphones
Be Well Philly

The Best Bluetooth Running Headphones, According to Avid Philly Runners

Running headphones are some of the most difficult to shop for. They need to stay in your ears despite all the jostling. They need to […]

philadelphia kettlebell workouts
Be Well Philly

4 Philly-Area Kettlebell Workouts That’ll Help You Get Stronger

Old-school kettlebells may not seem very sexy, but their local fan following is growing. And that’s no surprise: Kettlebell classes let you get cardio in […]

Eagles leggings
Be Well Philly

Philly’s New Athleisure Brand Includes These Awesome Eagles Leggings

We’re going to venture a guess here: For every pair of workout leggings you can’t stop wearing, you probably own at least three more that […]

outdoor gear
Be Well Philly

Here’s Where You Can Buy All Your Outdoor Gear and Activewear for Cheap

If we had to place bets on a discount retailer taking over the world, our pick would be TJX. The company owns such off-price juggernauts […]