5 Stylish Gym Bags You Can Buy From Philly Retailers

Because your gym bag should be multipurpose, durable, and definitely not boring.

We think it’s time you up your gym bag from fraying cinch to sleek duffel, backpack, or tote. You can find these five stylish and durable gym bags in Philly retailers. / Photograph by Supreme Nutrition via Flickr

Many of us don’t put much thought into what bag we bring to the gym. We throw our essentials into whatever is lying around — so long as it doesn’t have a hole in it — and head out the door. (I’ve been using the same cinch bag for nearly 10 years, solely because it’s the only thing I’ve got.) If you look around your fitness center or studio, you’ll likely see fraying duffel bags, sophisticated purses (that probably shouldn’t be used as gym bags…), and even reusable or plastic shopping bags.

But you — and what you’re toting to your fitness class — can be better than mediocre. If you don’t want your workout to barely make the cut, why should your gym bag? That’s why we’ve rounded up five functional yet trendy bags that will hold everything you need for your sweat sesh and keep you looking stylish. All of them can be bought either in-store or online from Philly retailers. Bonus: You can totally get away with carrying these bags even on the days you’re not working out — into work meetings, to weeknight trivia, and even on weekend trips.

The Bennett Bag

Made by: ThePureBag
Where to find it: ThePureBag’s website
Cost: $158

Founded by Bucks County native Lori Gildea after contracting myositis from her gym bag, ThePureBag features antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antifungal exercise bags that are sure to keep you and your workout germ-free. Its 24-ounce Bennett Bag is a functional carry-all that’ll hold and protect your gym clothes, sneaks, and personal items from bacteria (including MRSA), mold, and mildew. Plus, it comes in three stylish color patterns — white and grey, terrain and dune, and blue and green.


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Burner Gym Duffel

Made by: Vooray
Where to find it: Pure Barre (multiple locations) or Vooray’s website
Cost: $49.99

Since 2015, Vooray has sought to create high-quality bags without the premium price tag. Out of all its inventory, Vooray’s Burner Gym Duffel seems to offer the best balance of chic and functionality. Once you choose among stylish designs including black marble, florals, and feathers, enjoy the bag’s waterproof base, ventilated shoe pocket (no smelly sneaks in this bag!), and adjustable shoulder strap. While you can buy their products online, the Philly-area Pure Barre locations carry several of their bags and duffels — with the Pure Barre logo.

Vooray’s Burner Gym Duffel can be found in Philly-area Pure Barre locations. / Photograph by Ilana Waber

Vegan Cotton Canvas Tote

Made by: Tesoro Design
Where to find it: Tesoro’s flagship store (1533 South Street) or its website
Cost: $95

Located in Graduate Hospital, Tesoro Design is a female-owned and operated business focused on making products with ethically sourced leather. Fun fact: Owner Brit Reed handcrafts each item in store using domestically sourced material. Tesoro’s Vegan Cotton Canvas Tote is a sturdy, multi-use bag, good for both working out and going out. At 15 inches high and 25 inches wide, the tote can fit your gym sneaks and your laptop in the same haul, making it a great option for anyone with a busy, back-to-back schedule.


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Waterproof Backpack

Made by: Rains
Where to find it: Kin Boutique
Cost: $110 (large); $95 (mini)

The goal of Rains is to protect all your essentials, especially when you’re on the run. With its sleek look and separate pockets, the waterproof backpack takes the gym bag game to the next level, securing your laptop, spin shoes, wallet, and cell phone in their own sections. No matter if you go with the large or mini version, you’ll carry everything you need for the day, while also looking super fashionable. Don’t believe us? Ask SoulCycle instructor Meghan Kelley, who takes the bag to work.


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Wingman Bag

Made by: Think Royln
Where to find it: Addison Bay
Cost: $178

Think Royln’s Wingman Bag screams Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century funk meets Spice Girls edge. Made of quilted weave fabric, the bag features a water bottle pocket on the inside and a front pocket on the outside. The ribbed handles can be carried or worn on the shoulder, but we suggest clipping on the detachable guitar strap and wearing it as a cross-body bag. On the website of Philly store Addison Bay, you can buy the Wingman Bag in either silver or cobalt camo.


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