50 Best Restaurants in Philadelphia

Our ranked list of the city's top spots, freshly updated for your fall dining adventures.

Nigiri and sashimiat Hiroki | Photo by Cole Wilson

Last updated: September 22, 2019

50 Best Restaurants in Philadelphia by Rank

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  1. Suraya
  2. Hungry Pigeon
    Queen Village
  3. Friday Saturday Sunday
  4. Vernick Food and Drink
  5. Hiroki
  6. Laurel
    East Passyunk
  7. Vetri Cucina
    Washington Square West
  8. Res Ipsa
  9. Zahav
    Society Hill
  10. Serpico
    Bella Vista
  11. Palizzi Social Club
    East Passyunk
  12. Andiario
    West Chester
  13. South Philly Barbacoa
    East Passyunk
  14. Vedge
    Midtown Village
  15. Royal Izakaya
    Queen Village
  16. Pizzeria Beddia
  17. Bibou
    Bella Vista
  18. Abe Fisher
  19. Zeppoli
  20. Noord eetcafé
    East Passyunk
  21. Townsend
  22. Fork
    Old City
  23. The Good King Tavern
    Bella Vista
  24. Little Fish
    Queen Village
  25. Royal Boucherie
    Old City
  1. Hardena
    Point Breeze
  2. Middle Child
    Washington Square West
  3. Cadence
  4. Saté Kampar
    East Passyunk
  5. Hearthside
  6. Double Knot
    Midtown Village
  7. Perla
    East Passyunk
  8. Stock Rittenhouse
  9. Southwark
    Queen Village
  10. Kensington Quarters
  11. The Love
  12. Cheu Fishtown
  13. Kalaya
    Bella Vista
  14. Blue Corn
    Bella Vista
  15. Le Virtù
    East Passyunk
  16. Rangoon
  17. Mike’s BBQ
    East Passyunk
  18. Oyster House
    Center City
  19. Fiore Fine Foods
    Queen Village
  20. Poi Dog
  21. Kanella Grill
    Washington Square West
  22. Mr. Martino’s Trattoria
    East Passyunk
  23. Irwin’s
    East Passyunk
  24. High Street on Market
    Old City
  25. Musi

50 Best Restaurants in Philadelphia by Neighborhood

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East Passyunk




Midtown Village

Old City

Point Breeze

Queen Village


Society Hill

South Jersey

Washington Square West


West Chester

The bar at Suraya | Photo by Michael Persico

1. Suraya

Fishtown | Lebanese
1528 Frankford Avenue, 215-302-1900

Even back before it was a destination bar for people who want to experiment with arak and black tea in their cocktails, even when it was just a breakfast and lunch spot with a quirky grocery business on the side, Suraya was really good. Adding dinner was what vaulted it onto this list. But over the past year, the continual refinement by the kitchen, the polishing of every element of service, and the gentle, easy confidence with which any meal here unfolds have made Suraya the best restaurant in the city.

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2. Hungry Pigeon

Queen Village | American
743 South 4th Street, 215-278-2736

There’s nothing false about the Hungry Pigeon. It puts on no airs. Partners Scott Schroeder and Pat O’Malley cook what they want to cook (or bake, in O’Malley’s case) and serve how they want to serve. And what could be perceived as mundane (warm crab dip, chicken and rice) is actually bold — a scruffy, homey, comforting mess of a menu that appeals to Philly’s most impassioned lovers of food and drink. 743 South 4th Street.

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3. Friday Saturday Sunday

Rittenhouse | New American
261 South 21st Street, 215-546-4232

Friday Saturday Sunday is for beautiful cocktails and mussel toasts; for perfect service and sweetbread katsu. For the most polished dining room in Philly, where Chad and Hanna Williams somehow, magically, transformed a beloved landmark into something that Rittenhouse needed even more: a restaurant for its neighbors, and a bucket-list item for everyone else.

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4. Vernick Food & Drink

Rittenhouse | American
2031 Walnut Street, 267-639-6644

Greg Vernick opened his namesake restaurant with no intention for it to be anything other than just a neighborhood spot for Rittenhouse. But as we’ve all learned, Greg—with his love of fire and char, his worldly palate, his menus that always push New Americanism to new heights—is far too talented to let his restaurant be anything other than a destination. 2031 Walnut Street.

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5. Hiroki

Fishtown | Japanese
1355 North Front Street, 215-422-3222

Not a single detail — not the lighting fixtures, not the art on the walls, not the soap in the restrooms, not the glassware or even the chopsticks rests — was spared in the creation of Hiroki, Fishtown’s indulgent omakase sushi experience. It is, quite literally, a perfect meal.

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6. Laurel

East Passyunk | French
1617 East Passyunk Avenue, 215-271-8299

The beurre blanc is perfectly French, but it’s made with sake. The venison, fermented plum, juniper and beets sketch a perfect autumn flavor on the plate. What makes Laurel great has never been Nick Elmi’s celebrity, exclusivity, or any sort of whiz-bang pyrotechnics from the kitchen, but the fact that Elmi is one of the smartest, most talented chefs in Philly, and Laurel’s esoteric, borderless American-Frenchy-Asian menu couldn’t have been written by anyone but him.

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7. Vetri Cucina

Midtown Village | Italian
1312 Spruce Street, 215-732-3478

It has been the most famous restaurant in Philly for decades, eclipsing newcomers and old favorites alike. But the most remarkable thing about Marc Vetri’s eponymous restaurant is that he and the crew still cook like they have something to prove—like every night is the most important service they’ll ever have.

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8. Res Ipsa

Rittenhouse | Italian
2218 Walnut Street, 267-519-0329

For the neighbors, it’s a great little all-day cafe serving coffee and breakfast sandwiches in the morning and wonderfully composed sandwiches for lunch. But six nights a week, Res Ipsa becomes a near-perfect Sicilian BYO, with chef Michael Vincent Ferreri cooking dishes so surprising, beautiful, comforting and refined that even something as simple as spaghetti alle vongole becomes the kind of dish that you dream about for weeks.

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9. Zahav

Society Hill | Israeli
237 St. James Place, 215-625-8800

Michael Solomonov was just a Philly chef obsessed with duck hearts, hummus, and all the Israeli flavors he thought about when he was dreaming of home. His flagship restaurant earns its place among the best restaurants in the city because he and his crew are always pushing those flavors forward in the cuisine that he single-handedly put on America’s culinary map.

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10. Serpico

Bella Vista | American
604 South Street, 215-925-3001

Even five years in, you’ll leave the dining room—where Japanese eggplants are topped with feta and harissa, and enoki mushrooms come out swimming in a pecorino broth with black pepper oil—in awe of Peter Serpico’s deep and fundamental understanding of the future of American cuisine.

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11. Palizzi Social Club

East Passyunk | Italian
1408 South 12th Street, No Phone

A magical room where the weathering of a hundred years as a private South Philly social club is treated like an earned patina of class and cool—where chef Joey Baldino’s interpretations of Italian classics will make you feel like the kitchen is staffed by a dozen nonnas who’ve been cooking all day just for you.

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Pork and peaches | Photo by Will Figg

12. Andiario

West Chester| Italian
106 West Gay Street, 484-887-0919

The pastas might be the best you’ve ever had, and the seasonal menu is like a matryoshka doll of surprises. Owner Anthony Andiario came here from some of the best kitchens in America and created something that was entirely his—cooking what he loves and sending out every plate like he’s signing his name to it.

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13. South Philly Barbacoa

Italian Market | Mexican
1140 South 9th Street, 267-746-7658

Bon Appétit, the James Beard Foundation, David Chang and his Ugly Delicious TV crew, Chef’s Table—they’ve all come calling. But Philadelphians loved Cristina Martinez’s lamb tacos before they were cool—and before they were rightly named some of the best in the country

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14. Vedge

Midtown Village | Vegetarian
1221 Locust Street, 215-320-7500

It takes an eye to make a radish look beautiful, but it takes a wicked kind of skill to make it taste good, too. The team at Vedge? They’ve got both. Their seasonal “Dirt List” menu has always been a laboratory for experimenting with vegetables in different ways, but the straight New American simplicity of charred beets with horseradish or a roasted carrot served with all-carrot accompaniments shows the balance and restraint at work in the kitchen.

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15. Royal Izakaya

Queen Village | Japanese
780 South 2nd Street, 267-909-9002

The front room is loud and crowded. There’s anime on the walls and crowds at the bar, and servers move fast, slapping down menus and sliding cans of sake and plates of dumplings, natto, and amazing little Japanese sausages across the bar. In the back, Jesse Ito makes omakase flights of sushi as good as any in the country and serves them in an environment that’s as quiet and respectful as a temple. Both sides are fun in their own way and work shockingly well together.

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16. Pizzeria Beddia

Fishtown | Pizza
1313 North Lee Street, 267-928-2256

A stunning minimalist space (hidden away on a side street in Fishtown), natural wine on tap, small plates of local cheese or chorizo dressed in really nice olive oil, and of course, some of the best pizza in the country. Joe Beddia’s original takeout shop was a tough act to follow, but goddamn he sure lived up to the hype.
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17. Bibou

Bella Vista | French
1009 South 8th Street, 215-965-8290

If Paris had a neighborhood of displaced Philly expats buried somewhere out in its arrondissements, Bibou—with its charming staff, crowd of regulars, BYO policy, and fine-tuned prix-fixe menus—would be its regular Tuesday-night hang.

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 18. Abe Fisher

Rittenhouse | Jewish
1623 Sansom Street, 215-867-0088

Tradition vs. modernity, old memories vs. new cravings: Yehuda Sichel cooks a brave, worldly version of Jewish cuisine, full of veal schnitzel tacos and $19 skirt steaks with Manischewitz steak sauce. But what might be most affecting are the simple things, like the way the latkes, dressed in their jumped-up apple and onion sauce, remind you just enough of the ones you had as a kid to make you nostalgic, but are so good that you’re forced to wonder how no one thought of doing something like this before.

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19. Zeppoli

Collingswood | Italian
618 Collings Avenue, 856-854-2670

Trying Joey Baldino’s sautéed shrimp over cannellini beans, his Trapani-style pesto, or stewed rabbit with tomatoes and oregano served over roasted potatoes will teach you how deep and soulful the flavors of Italian simplicity can go.

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20. Noord eetcafé

East Passyunk | Northern European
1046 Tasker Street, 267-909-9704

Eating at Noord feels like having dinner in owner (and host) Joncarl Lachman’s living room, staffed by a team of friendly servers who seem to be having almost as much fun as the customers. And the Dutch cuisine coming from the kitchen is just as homey and comforting—which is saying something when the menu offers dishes like mustard soup, herring sliders, rabbit legs soaked in vinegar, and something called snert.

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Townsend’s Cote de Boeuf | Photo by Jason Varney

21. Townsend

Rittenhouse | French
2121 Walnut Street, 267-639-3203

It’s a place for grand, expansive French dining—think côte de boeuf for two, plates of escargots dripping in butter, foie gras with grape and hibiscus, roasted fish swimming in a vermouth cream sauce—all served on white tablecloths with heavy silver and a couple martinis or a glass of chenin blanc to wash it down.

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22. Fork

Old City | American
306 Market Street, 215-625-9425

Hamachi crudo, scratch-made pastas, Jersey stripers with peppers and clams, rigorously New American menu: A compelling argument could be made that there is no fine-dining restaurant in the city that defines Philly’s evolving tastes better than Fork.

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23. The Good King Tavern

Bella Vista | French
614 South 7th Street, 215-625-3700

There are very few bad days that can’t be fixed by a plate of pommes frites and a roasted chicken dabbed with sauce piment. There’s not much that isn’t made at least a little sweeter by a warm, welcoming bar serving chicken-fried rabbit and duck-fat potatoes, one where a nice bottle of white burgundy won’t empty your wallet. And there’s no city that isn’t made better by a solidly French tavern like the Good King.

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Photo by Jason Varney

24. Little Fish

Queen Village | Seafood
746 South 6th Street, 267-455-0172

The menu is so small and so changeable that the crew hand-writes it every night on little slips of paper. And chef Alex Yoon’s kitchen is so talented that every menu reads like a treasure map to some of the best, most thoughtful seafood in the city.

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25. Royal Boucherie

Old City | French
52 South 2nd Street, (267) 606-6313

Those who believe that French food is supposed to be serious should stay far away from Nick Elmi’s Old City boucherie. The cocktails are American classics, the charcuterie is all made in-house, the bar is always rollicking and loud, and the menu—from the lobster garganelli with truffle butter to roasted duck confit with sour cherry mustard to late-night shrimp cocktails or fried olives stuffed with pork—walks a perfect line between French technique and casual fun.

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26. Hardena

Point Breeze | Indonesian
1754 South Hicks Street, 215-271-9442

There are basically two kinds of eaters left in Philly: those who think that a delicious, absolutely authentic Indonesian cafe tucked away in South Philly and serving cafeteria-style beef rendang, egg curry, chicken satay and killer sambal mostly in Styrofoam has no business being on a list of the best restaurants in the city, and everyone else, who believes (correctly) that no good list would be complete without it.

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Middle Child | Photo by Michael Persico

27. Middle Child

Washington Square West | Luncheonette
248 South 11th Street, 267-930-8344

It looks so simple when you’re there—just a neighborhood luncheonette with a long counter and some cooks at the grills slinging the hash and slapping together sandwiches for their regulars. But Middle Child is deceptive. They make their own ciabatta. The corned beef takes nine days. There are no freezers, so they serve until they sell out, then start over again the next day. The result is a breakfast and lunch spot designed like the Six Million Dollar Man—to be stronger, faster and better than all those that came before.

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278. Cadence

Kensington | Modern American
161 West Girard Avenue, 215-419-7537

Some restaurants are flashy about their genius, sending out every plate like it’s covered in sparklers and gold. Cadence is the other kind: a quietly competent, always evolving, gently brilliant BYO where the herb dumplings with mustard butter and the trout with blistered peppers and brown rice grits speak for themselves—no flash necessary.

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29. Saté Kampar

East Passyunk | Malaysian
1837 East Passyunk Avenue, 267-324-3860

When it first opened, Ange Branca’s Malaysian restaurant was the coolest place in Philly—a restaurant where every bowl of ayam kurma and every stick of saté was a wonderful surprise. You could drink from coconuts here, get coffee unlike any other in the city, eat rice and sambal with your fingers. And somehow, after almost three years, none of that initial magic has worn off. Saté Kampar has become a place that Philly craves rather than wonders about.

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30. Hearthside

Collingswood | New American
801 Haddon Avenue, Collingswood, NJ, 856-240-1164

It has all the requisite makings of a good modern American restaurant: the open kitchen, the blazing wood hearth, the mod-rustic aesthetic. But sit down for dinner, and what will surprise you is the care and creativity coming from the kitchen. The pastas are smart (like the agnolotti stuffed with smoked carrot puree). And the entrées are paired with a rare eye for counterpoint flavors, like pork and tasso ham with sweet plum mustard, or halibut in a woodsy mushroom broth.

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31. Double Knot

Midtown Village | Japanese
120 South 13th Street, 215-631-3868

It’s less a restaurant than it is an escape from the world—where you go to eat black bass and robatayaki and lovely, lovely sushi in one of the most stunning subterranean dining rooms in all of Philly.

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Kamayan dinner at Perla | Photo by Jason Varney

32. Perla

East Passyunk | Filipino
1535 South 11th Street, 267-273-0008

Filipino food wasn’t something anyone ever thought of when talking about Philly’s booming food scene. But that was before Perla opened and brought with it Lou Boquila’s sisig with long hots, bone marrow garlic fried rice, and Wednesday-night Kamayan family-style dinners where you eat with your hands off tables covered in banana leaves.

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33. Stock Rittenhouse

Rittenhouse | Southeast Asian
1935 Chestnut Street, 215-988-9480

There’s something revolutionary about the new Stock. It’s built on a fast-casual model, with a modular menu of Asian soups, salad, cold noodles and banh mi served fast to the crowds that pack in every day. The quality is just as high as at the Fishtown original, but the feel (and utility) is so 2019.

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34. Southwark

Queen Village | New American
701 South 4th Street, 267-930-8538

Pumpkin ravioli with duck confit, raisins and hazelnuts. Sweet-potato bisque served with a short-rib croquette. Even just the house-baked bread with a little butter, a little sea salt, a slice of radish and nothing else—who needs more than that from a neighborhood restaurant these days?

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35. Kensington Quarters

Fishtown | American
1310 Frankford Avenue, 267-314-5086

KQ has been a restaurant, a custom butcher shop, a teaching space, a place for pop-ups and collaborations. But no matter what it is they’re doing here, the one constant is that being a restaurant is what the place does best—showcasing local meat and vegetables for crowds that always seem to stay a little longer than they intended and have a little more fun than they expected.

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The Love | Photo by Michael Persico

36. The Love 

Rittenhouse | American
130 South 18th Street, 215-433-1555

Sure, the service is perfect, the cocktails are excellent, and the cheese plates are like something pulled right from a magazine centerfold. But the cooking here is comforting, smart, approachable, delicious, and very much in the eclectic style of Aimee Olexy, someone who knows full well how to make a restaurant … well, lovable.

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37. Cheu Fishtown

Fishtown| Asian
1416 Frankford Avenue, 267-758-2269

Cheu’s greatest gift to this city has always been the seriousness it paid to Asian-fusion cuisine. What had been a joke for far too long was given new legs thanks to the humor and intellectual rigor of Ben Puchowitz and Shawn Darragh. And with the opening of this newer, larger version in Fishtown, they can now bring their vision (which includes pastrami buns and chicken ho fun with tahini) to an even wider audience.

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38. Kalaya

Bella Vista | Thai
764 South 9th Street, 215-385-3777

Nok Suntaranon and My-Le Vuong run one of the purest expressions of a Philly BYOB we’ve seen in years (a tiny dining room, exciting cooking, personality galore) with a menu that presents — nay, shows off — Thai cuisine in ways we’ve not yet seen.

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39. Blue Corn

Bella Vista | Mexican
1940 South 9th Street, 215-925-1010

Fans come to Blue Corn looking for an authentic taste of Mexico City-style Mexican food. But there’s another side of the menu, too—one filled with original creations from chef Roberto Juarez, flaunting food that’s both steeped in tradition and vital enough to showcase something new.

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40. Le Virtù

East Passyunk | Italian
1927 East Passyunk Avenue, 215-271-5626

It is still and will always be a restaurant dedicated to the flavors and the history of Italy’s Abruzzo region—and one of the most authentic and skilled purveyors of it.

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41. Rangoon

Chinatown | Burmese
112 North 9th Street, 215-829-8939

For more than 25 years, people have been coming here for thousand-layer bread with potato curry, mango chicken, fish cooked in banana leaves, and other specialties of Burmese cuisine. Here’s to 25 more.

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Photo by Andrea Coan

42. Mike’s BBQ

East Passyunk | BBQ
1703 South 11th Street, 267-831-2040

Chef-owner Michael Strauss did the impossible with his South Philly day-time only ‘cue joint: He made the entire city believe in BBQ again.

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43. Oyster House

Center City | Seafood
1516 Sansom Street, 215-567-7683

Coming in for a drink, a lobster roll, and a half-dozen oysters from the shuckers is like paying tribute to Philadelphia’s long history with seafood in general and bivalves in particular. But go deeper into the menu, and you’ll find unexpected depth from a kitchen that can knock out anything from snapper soup to a filet of striped bass worthy of the whole city’s admiration.

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44. Fiore Fine Foods

Queen Village | Italian
757 South Front Street, 215-339-0509

To stand out doing Italian in this town is tough. So maybe it’s the fact that Fiore does Italian all day (pastries and breakfast sandwiches in the morning; pizzettes from the wood-fire oven in the afternoon), or that they don’t let traditional Italian ingredients get in the way of a good idea (black tea smoked duck; corn agnolotti with Puerto Rican hot peppers; pole beans with Szechuan peppercorns). Whatever it is, it’s Required Dining — even in Philly, a city already so full of Italian restaurants.

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45. Poi Dog

Rittenhouse | Hawaiian
102 South 21st Street, 215-279-7015

Between the massive plate lunches and the ukulele music, Okinawan doughnuts, Spam musubi and poke bowls, it’s amazing that every single person who eats here doesn’t immediately move to Hawaii.

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46. Kanella Grill

Washington Square West | Cypriot-Greek
1001 Spruce Street, 267-928-2085

It’s remarkable that a place this small and simple, with a menu that’s basically meat on sticks plus some salads, can be this addictive. Go once for pork loin kebabs, some lamb kofta, and maybe some potato salad sparked with coriander and capers, and you’ll want to come back once a week for the rest of your life.

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47. Mr. Martino’s Trattoria

East Passyunk | Italian
1646 East Passyunk Avenue, 215-755-0663

With its dim lights and dark wood, old bills, family photos, and menu full of saucy risotto, baked ricotta, and spaghetti with calamari, Mr. Martino’s isn’t so much a time-travel machine as one that has—blissfully—made time stop.

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48. Irwin’s

East Passyunk | Middle Eastern
800 Mifflin Street, inside the Bok Building, 215-693-6206

Down a long hallway, up a slow elevator to the 8th floor of the Bok Building, Irwin’s is there quietly doing its thing with classic cocktails, a lovely dining room, and inventive takes on Middle Eastern cuisine — gifting Philly, finally, with the rooftop dining experience it deserves.

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49. High Street on Market

Old City | American
308 Market Street, 215-625-0988

For breakfast, fresh bread from the bakery with cultured butter and sea salt. At lunch, a smoked duck Cuban or the Best Grilled Cheese Ever, with Pennsylvania cheddar on roasted potato bread. And then, at dinner, something simple, like poached pears with Birchrun blue cheese, or maybe the ricotta gnocchi with smoked delicata squash. There are a hundred different ways to go at High Street on Market, which is how the best all-day cafes roll.

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50. Musi

Pennsport | New American
100 Morris Street, 215-377-9466

It’s a shoebox dining room with happy service and a small menu full of comfort foods and cheffy surprises: pasta bowties polka-dotted with Turkish chili flakes, tossed in lemon butter; a bowl of smooth polenta zapped with house-made pickles; braised beef neck swimming in broth next to a dumpling of soft greens. Ari Miller’s new Pennsport spot has just the right amount of charm and swagger necessary to up it from a neighborhood BYO to a restaurant Philly’s proud to show off.

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