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Gina Tomaine

Health and Wellness Editor

Gina Tomaine is Health and Wellness Editor of Philadelphia. Follow her on Twitter @gtomaine.

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A Peek at the Fitness and Skin-Care Routines of Flyers Host Andrea Helfrich

When she’s not working as the in-arena host for the Philadelphia Flyers, Helfrich is recording her podcast and relaxing with an impressive array of candles.

City Life

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Opportunities to Volunteer and Celebrate in Philadelphia

Honor the legacy of the civil rights leader with these events and service opportunities.

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This Cool Philly Coloring Book Gives Back to the Community and Highlights Local Artists

“Draw to Action” includes the original work of 30 local artists, and 100 percent of proceeds will go to 15 Philly nonprofit and social impact organizations.

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A Week in the Poconos Life of the Founder of Rae’s Roots Wellness Teas

Joanna Linton, who co-founded United by Blue and founded Rae’s Roots, is currently renovating a motel in the Poconos with her family, Schitt’s Creek-style.

underwear by The Big Favorite
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Philly’s New Circular Fashion Brand Wants to Save Your Underwear From the Landfill

The Big Favorite, founded by designer Eleanor Turner, attempts to close the fashion loop when it comes to undergarments.

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Local Fitness and Wellness Deals and Specials to Start the New Year

To kick off 2021, here are some special programs and deals from local gyms and wellness organizations.

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Don’t Want to Throw Away Your Christmas Tree? Let Goats Eat It!

Yes, you heard us correctly.

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New Fitness and Wellness Businesses That Somehow Launched During the Pandemic

Philly’s health and wellness community is finding new ways to evolve, and in some cases, starting fresh.

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This New NoLibs Spa is Staffed by Laid Off Estheticians and Massage Therapists from Rescue Spa

The boutique spa, founded by former Rescue esthetician Taralyn Freda, offers massage, facials, acupuncture, and health coaching.

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Meet 6 Inspiring Trainers and Leaders Revolutionizing Philly’s Fitness Scene

They’re pushing the accessibility and inclusivity boundaries of modern health and wellness in Philly — and shaking things up for the better.

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Philly Gyms and Studios That Are Still Hosting Outdoor Classes in the Cold

Winter is here, but it’s not stopping some gyms and studios from offering socially distant outdoor classes.

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15 Health-and-Wellness Gifts to Buy in Philly Now

Support local businesses and impress your friends and family with these thoughtful gifts ranging from fitness classes to candles and bath salts.

Philadelphia Fitness coalition logo
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Philadelphia Fitness Coalition Forms to Protest Shutdown Without Aid

The group, made up of 30-plus fitness studios and gyms in the region, is petitioning the city to change its latest coronavirus restrictions.

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To Hell With It All. Take a Bath.

I’ve found it’s nearly impossible to be too perplexed about anything when you’re submerged in a hot bath.

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Philly’s Gyms Don’t Have a Lifeline

As we hurtle into a second pandemic shutdown, Philly’s gym owners feel they’ve been given no choice but to fail.