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Health and Wellness Editor

Gina Tomaine is Health and Wellness Editor of Philadelphia. Follow her on Twitter @gtomaine.

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5 Philly Running Pros’ Best Advice on Running with a Mask

Yep, you need to cover your mouth while you’re running near others. Here’s advice from Philly’s running pros on how to deal with that.

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Where to Find Virtual Therapy and Mental Health Resources in the Philly Area

A list of virtual mental health services and resources, including free, low cost and sliding-scale therapy options.

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Sabbatical Beauty’s Adeline Koh on Hand Sanitizers, Self-Care, and Pandemic Shaming

The local indie beauty business owner shares how her team is staying afloat and pivoting to new products amid the coronavirus crisis.

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A Northeast Philly Runner Just Ran the Entire 76-Mile City Perimeter

He mapped it out turn-by-turn so other runners and bikers can attempt all or part of it for themselves.

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We Tried a Virtual Workout with Jayel Lewis for April’s BWP Underground Event

Our first virtual underground was brand new territory — but we’re so glad we did it.

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Now We Just  Virtually Drop in on Our Friends All the Time

Maybe we can’t all be together physically, but we can sure as hell show up on one another’s screens.

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Philly-Area Studios Streaming at-Home Fitness Classes for Kids

Here’s one way to keep your kids active and occupied at home.

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Yes, You Can Still Exercise Outdoors — But Be Smart About It

Fresh air is good for you, as long as you continue social distancing.

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Which Doctors’ Appointments Should You Be Keeping Right Now?

In the time of coronavirus, health care must be more adaptable than ever. Here’s what you need to know.

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How to Make a Telemedicine Appointment and Other FAQs

Here’s how you can get the benefit of the doctor’s office or hospital from home.

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The Lax Procedures at U.S. Airports Should Concern Everyone

What I experienced on my journey back to Philly from India shows how much the federal government is still not on top of things.

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Penn Med School Dean Says Philly’s Coronavirus Crisis Won’t Peak Until May

According to top medical experts, Philly’s COVID-19 problems are only beginning.

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We Hosted Our First-Ever “Be Well in the Burbs” Event with Triyo Fitness

See photos from our foray into fitness events for the Philly suburbs.

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We’re Obsessed With This Eagles Cheerleader Competing on American Idol

Kyle Tanguay, the first male cheerleader for the Eagles in three decades, is killing it — and it’s only been one episode.

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We Tried Plant-Based Meal Prep for February’s BWP Underground Event

See photos from our The Cutting Veg and STORY at Macy’s BWP Underground event.