Philly to Allow Gyms to Reopen on Monday

City officials announced that gyms may reopen as long as all patrons and staff are wearing masks and following social distancing guidelines.

Boutique fitness studios like Warhorse Barbell Club are allowed to reopen on Monday, July 20th. / Photograph by Warhorse Barbell Club.

City officials announced today that gyms are allowed to reopen in Philadelphia — with certain rules. All staff and patrons of local gyms must wear a mask at all times, must keep six feet distance between themselves or others, and must work out in groups of ten or less people for exercise classes. A full list of city guidelines for COVID-19 safety can be found here.

Philadelphia Health Commissioner Tom Farley stressed that the mask mandate was not flexible, and that workout routines like weight-lifting might be better suited to masking and working out indoors. The city plans to send inspectors unannounced to gyms in order to make sure everyone is spaced far apart and wearing masks. Farley noted that if they inspect a gym and patrons are not wearing masks, they will shut the gym down.

He also noted the city will shut a gym down if cases are coronavirus are linked to the gym — and that gyms may need to shut down again as part of a larger policy shift if coronavirus cases continue to trend upwards in the city.

And if you’re concerned about working out with a mask on at the gym? Exercise at home, or opt to do your workout outdoors in a space where you can safely socially distance.

“For those many people who find it difficult to do vigorous exercise with a mask, don’t go to the gym,” Farley said in a news conference today, “You’re not going to be allowed to run on the treadmill and not wear your mask.”

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