Where to Find Virtual Therapy and Mental Health Resources in the Philly Area

A list of virtual mental health services and resources, including free, low cost and sliding-scale therapy options.

Seeking virtual therapy can be an accessible way to process the trauma inflicted by the coronavirus crisis. | Photo by Getty.

Though the first concern when it comes to the dangers of the pandemic has been physical health, consideration for mental health should also be of paramount importance. Many have lost loved ones, or seen their businesses and lived uprooted. A widely publicized suicide of a top New York E.R. doctor last week underscored the danger of this trauma for medical professionals and other frontline workers. And, while practicing social distancing is critical for our efforts to flatten the curve, we need to consider how isolation practices affect our mental and emotional health. 

Telehealth therapy — individual and group therapy sessions conducted either online or over-the-phone — can make taking steps to manage the emotional toll of this crisis a more accessible option. To help make it easier to find a therapist or group that works for you, we compiled a list of virtual mental health services and resources, including free, low cost and sliding-scale therapeutic options.

(If you’re offering virtual therapy or mental health resources in the Philadelphia area, please reach out to gtomaine@phillymag.com for inclusion here. This list is not comprehensive, but we will do our best to continue updating with available options.) 

Council for Relationships

With more than 70 therapists and psychiatrists, this local nonprofit works to help people improve their wellbeing and manage grief, stress, anxiety, and depression. Currently, the Council for Relationships offers online therapy for new and current clients. They’re also providing recommendations for working from home, avoiding cabin fever, and coping with anxiety. Currently, they’re providing free or low-free counseling for those on the pandemic’s front lines.
Cost per Session: varies by therapist; low fees on a sliding scale $15 – $45 or free
Contact: 4025 Chestnut Street, First Floor; (267) 244-8404

LiveWell Foundation

The LiveWell Foundation is a local nonprofit support and counseling service. Led by a diverse group of trained volunteers, LiveWell offers free video-based support groups to offer help to those living with depression and anxiety in the Philadelphia area.
Cost per Session: Free
Contact: (267) 530-3739

National Alliance on Mental Illness Philadelphia

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) of Philadelphia is hosting online support groups via Zoom. Currently, NAMI is offering daily and weekly therapy sessions and support groups for individuals, families, teens, and LGBTQ+ members. NAMI’s meetings are currently open to the public.
Cost per Session: Free
Contact: 520 N. Delaware Avenue, 7th Floor; (215) 687-4381

Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disAbility Services

Philadelphia’s Behavioral Health Education Network (BHETN) and the Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disAbility Services(DBHIDS) are working together to host mental health webinars on Zoom every Tuesday and Thursday. Sessions are open to the public and are catered to managing anxiety, alcohol dependence and withdrawal, supporting children, and promoting self-care. 
Cost per Session: Free
Contact: Behavioral Health Education Network, 520 N. Delaware Avenue; (215) 923-2116; Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disAbility Services, 1101 Market Street, Suite 700; (215) 685-5400

William Way LGBT Community Center

The William Way LGBT Community Center encourages and advocates for serving, protecting, and supporting LGBTQ+ individuals. Open 365 days of the year, the nonprofit is currently offering virtual therapy sessions.
Cost per Session: Free
Contact: 1315 Spruce Street; (215) 732-2220

Mental Health Partnerships (MHP)

MHP has provided advocacy, services, and training to individuals struggling with mental health and addiction challenges and their families for nearly 70 years,  through over 40 programs across Greater Philadelphia. One of their primary and widely used services, especially during COVID-19 pandemic, is their free Healthy Minds Peer Chat Line. This no-cost Chat Line is staffed by trained certified peer specialists who provide mental health and emotional support to individuals as well as information and referrals to mental health resources. The line is available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and can be accessed by clicking the text box in the lower right side of any screen on their website.
Cost per session: Free to use the chat line

The Family Practice and Counseling Network

The Family Practice and Counseling Network relies on a nurse-managed, integrated model to provide primary health, behavioral, dental, and preventative care and services. To accommodate current and new patients, the service is implementing virtual visits. Physical visits are allowed in some cases.
Cost per Session: $5 to $20 based on income; sliding scale.
Contact: Abbottsford-Falls, 4700 Wissahickon Avenue, Building D; (215) 843-9720; 11th Street Family Health Services – 850 North 11th Street; (215) 796-1100; Health Annex, 6120-B Woodland Avenue, 2nd Floor; (215) 727-4721

A Better Life Therapy, LLC

A Better Life Therapy offers individual, couples, and career counseling. Their services have transitioned to an online-exclusive practice, working to accommodate anyone at any time. Therapists have a wide range of specialties, covering everything from anxiety, experiences of grief, life transitions, and addiction.
Cost per Session: $40 to $175 depending on the therapist. Rates can be found here.
Contact: 100 South Broad Street, Suite 1920; (267) 838-0066

The West Chester Therapy Group

The West Chester Therapy Group offers individual and group therapy sessions through Zoom. Their group therapy sessions are only $30 per session and operate on a weekly basis. These sessions accommodate different topics and needs, such as those of high school students, college students, those living alone during this time, and families.
Cost per Session: $90 to $175 individual, $30 for group sessions.
Contact: 222 North Walnut Street, Suite E; (484) 266-7143;  Newcomers can fill out a contact form here.

Anastasia Adams 

Anastasia Adams engages her clients collaboratively and specializes in helping clients who are coping with grief, loss, depression, anxiety, and couples experiencing relationship troubles. Adams offers over-the-phone and online counseling.
Cost per Session: $60 to $70
Contact: 1015 Chestnut Street, Suite 403; (267) 704-4173

The Better You Institute

They have a variety of clinicians that treat children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families. They are currently fully tele-health during the COVID-19 crisis. Their specialties range from trauma focused therapy (EMDR and TF-CBT), systemic family therapy, and sex therapy while also seeing other clients with mood disorders, grief and loss, couples therapy, and behavioral issues. Find more information here.
Cost per session: They are currently donating eight sessions at 30 minutes each for free to those who have been impacted by coronavirus. They also offer regular 50 minute sessions for fees anywhere between $100 to 200.
Contact: 267-495-4951

PeaceTree Counseling

PeaceTree counseling offers virtual therapy during this pandemic. Once we return to our physical offices we will continue to offer virtual therapy for those who prefer it or a combo of in-person and virtual. Find out more on their website.
Cost per Session: Based on health insurance

Thriveworks Philadelphia Counseling

Thriveworks offers an inviting, straightforward, and efficient approach to counseling. Currently, they’re offering over-the-phone and online counseling services. Their counseling services are centered on resolving issues of anxiety, adjusting to life transitions, and providing balance.
Cost per Session: $15 to $40; A one-time enrollment fee and monthly subscription are required.
Contact: 1518 Walnut Street, Suite 804; (215) 399-9764; Schedule an appointment here.

The Center for Growth

The Center for Growth offers virtual psychological counseling, couples counseling, sex therapy, family therapy, and support groups. The Center for Growth prioritizes reassuring an individual’s self-worth.
Cost per Session: $35 to $200 for individual counseling; $10 for support group sessions; Prices vary depending on the therapist.
Contact: Art Museum Therapy Office – 2401 Pennsylvania Avenue, Suite 1A2; (215) 922-5683; Society Hill Therapy Office – 233 South 6th Street, Suite C-33; (215) 922-5683

Jamie Flowers 

Jamie Flowers offers over-the-phone and online counseling services. Flowers provides a holistic and comprehensive approach to counseling, and provides support to individuals and families who are having difficulty adjusting to life transitions.
Cost per Session: $65
Contact: 1015 Chestnut Street, Suite 403; (267) 214-2949

Nicole Ciccone

As a Licensed Professional Counselor, Nicole Ciccone specializes in facilitating one’s personal growth by providing a safe space, seeking to cater to everyone’s individual needs. Ciccone incorporates aspects of mindfulness, cognitive-behavior, and solution-focused therapy. Ciccone offers over-the-phone and virtual therapy sessions.
Cost per Session: $135 to $185
Contact: 103 Carnegie Center, Princeton, NJ 08540; (609) 301-5718

Adina Rosenberg

Rosenberg is a licensed professional counselor with over 30 years experience. She is a creative arts therapist who utilizes art, music and movement to help children, teens and adults express themselves, especially when traditional talk therapy has not been effective for them. She is also a board-certified dance/movement therapist who believes that using a body-based modality can be more effective than just talking alone, especially those affected by trauma, mood disorders, low self-esteem, and body image issues. All sessions are virtual at this time, and information can be found here.
Cost per session: Fees are discounted – $65 to hospital staff and first responders serving COVID patients and those who have lost a family member to COVID. $100/45 minutes for all other individual and family sessions.
Contact: 215-431-3111

Colleen Tate

Tate utilizes a CBT and strengths-based approach to provide realistic, tangible tools to manage anxiety, life changes and self-esteem issues. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor and certified school counselor and commonly works with populations ranging in ages seven to adulthood.
Cost per session: Accepts FSA/HSA plans; sliding scale of $50 to $150.
Contact: 201 South 18th Street; 267 520-0280

The Wellness Collective

Danielle Massi’s The Wellness Collective offers an individualized and holistic approach for their clients. Operating online and over the phone, The Wellness Collective specializes in absolving relationship issues, adjusting to life’s transitions, and providing coping mechanisms.
Cost per Session: $120 to $150
Contact: 100 South Broad Street, Suite 622; (267) 863-7003

LGBT Counseling at Emerge Wellness

Branching from Emerge Wellness, a holistic health and wellness practice in Center City, LGBT Counseling works to connect with members of the LGBT community to provide guidance, understanding, and make therapy accessible. They’re continuing their distance counseling which is conducted either over-the-phone or on a video conference.
Cost per Session: $50 to $125 based on income
Contact: 1221 Locust Street, 2nd Floor; (215) 603-7336

Shaylyn Forte

Forte is a Licensed Professional Counselor who specializes in helping adults in their twenties and thirties overcome their anxiety, depression, and self-esteem issues. She also has extensive experience helping adults navigate life transitions: including changes in employment, starting and ending relationships, and adjusting to life after college. Since the pandemic began, Shaylyn has been helping clients maintain healthy routines, deal with the stress of adjusting to a “new normal,” cope with the worry brought on by uncertainty of the future, and process losses they have experienced through online and phone counseling sessions.
Cost per session: $80-$140 for individual counseling sessions, depending on client’s financial situation
Contact: 2305 Fairmount Avenue; 484-416-0826

Alanna Gardner

Gardner specializes in coping with trauma, anxiety, self-esteem issues, and handling life transitions. With ten years of experience, Gardner utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy and positive psychology. Gardner offers over-the-phone and video counseling sessions.
Cost per Session: $120 to $150
Contact: 100 South Broad Street, Suite 622; (267) 908-4369

Greenepsych Clinical & Sport Psychology

With over fifteen years of experience, Dr. Mitchell Greene works with student athletes, coaches, and athletic departments to stress the importance of mental health and performance in competitive sports. Sessions are virtual and can be conducted either in groups or individually. Greenepsych specializes in easing symptoms of anxiety and depression, promoting mindfulness, and finding balance.
Cost per Session: Individual and group session prices vary.
Contact: 551 West Lancaster Avenue, Suite 214; (484) 808-7273; Newcomers can fill out a contact form here.

D’Arcy, Bruning & Associates

D’Arcy, Bruning & Associates offers a diverse group of experienced therapists catered to resolving issues of anxiety, depression, trauma, and body image. Sessions are available online or over the phone.
Cost per Session: $30 to $60 for group psychotherapy; $150 for individual psychotherapy; $175 for couples therapy
Contact: 128 Chestnut Street, Suite 404; (215) 544-3241

Open Path Psychotherapy Collective

The Open Path Psychotherapy Collective is a non-profit, nationwide network of mental health professionals. Open Path makes it easier to find and connect with nearby therapists. Open Path also makes accessing mental health care easier for middle and lower-income individuals, couples, and families.
Cost per Session: $30 to $60 for an individual session; $30 – $80 for couples and family sessions; $59 for a membership
Contact: Newcomers can locate a nearby therapist here; 1-800-268-2833

Personal Evolution

Founded by Katherine Glick, a holistic health practitioner and licensed professional counselor, Personal Evolution specializes in aiding those with anxiety and depression, treating mind-body disorders, and managing stress. Personal Evolution offers over-the-phone and online counseling sessions.
Cost per Session: $90 to $120; sliding scale
Contact: (215) 469-1155; Newcomers can also fill out an appointment form here

The Philadelphia Social Therapy Group

With 30 years of experience, Jennifer Bullock utilizes social therapy to promote the power of collective creativity, share emotional experiences, and strengthen bonds. The Philadelphia Social Therapy Group offers life development therapy, improvisation tools, and yoga classes to promote wellness. Currently, their therapy sessions are conducted through video conferences.
Cost per session: Fees are customized; sliding scale
Contact: 245 South 16th Street; (215) 957-5073

Philadelphia Couples Therapy

A couples-exclusive, doctoral-level group, practicing from a lens of Relational Analytic Theory, Emotionally Focused Therapy, and Systems Theory. They have a treatment team approach, which privileges and triages the needs of each individual client and couple. This means that couples can come for individual therapy, group, and couples work, to get necessary and specific relational support.
Cost per session: Fees vary; in May they’re offering free therapy for healthcare workers and low-fee consultations for anyone.
Contact: 1420 Walnut Street, Suite 1010; 267-209-0140

Therapy Center of Philadelphia

The Therapy Center of Philadelphia (TCP) seeks to provide high-quality and affordable psychotherapeutic services to women, transgender, and gender non-conforming individuals. Operating on an intersectional framework, TCP strives for personal growth, inclusivity, and equity. Currently, they’re offering video and over-the-phone therapy sessions.
Cost per Session: $20 to $120; sliding scale
Contact: 215 South Broad Street; (215) 567-1111

Dinovitz Counseling

Dinovitz Counseling is a mental health therapy practice specializing in the treatment of anxiety, addiction, grief, trauma, depression and more. They offer online sessions and accommodate early morning or late evening appointments, and offer a free 3o-minute consultation for prospective clients.

Cost per Session: $150-$200 (sliding scale availability).
Contact: 1 Bala Avenue, Suite 110; (484) 278-1230; dinovitzcounseling@gmail.com or contact through this form.

Rebecca Asch

Asch is an art therapist and licensed professional counselor who typically offers services out of the Bok building but has shifted her practice to telehealth. She provides support to clients experiencing sadness, anxiety, eating disorders, grief and loss, and trauma. In addition, Rebecca specializes in providing therapy to medical and mental health professionals. Find more information here.
Cost per session: $80-$150; sliding scale
Contact: 267-362-9135, info@RebeccaAschLPC.com

David Fask

David Fask specializes in treating adults with careers, families, and often both, who are struggling with anxiety, with low self-esteem, and with navigating many different types of relationships. He offers teletherapy via secure internet-based video conferencing.
Cost per Session: $130 to $160
Contact: drfask@fasktherapy.com; 484-222-6436; More information can be found at fasktherapy.com.

Spilove Psychotherapy

This team of clinical specialists has expertise in trauma, eating disorders, addictions, grief & loss and LGBTQIA+ issues with office in Center City, Bryn Mawr and West Chester. They offer individual, relational and group therapy sessions via telehealth. Current group therapy options include Eating Disorder Recovery, Body Image Support, Trauma & Grief, DBT Skills and a group for mental health clinicians.
Cost per session: $85 to $200 individual, $40-75 for group, Sliding Scale options available during this time, Free trauma support options via EMDR available for frontline healthcare providers
Contact: 1601 Walnut St., Suite 1007, (484) 784-6244, Newcomers can fill out a contact form here.

For confidential support if you are having thoughts of suicide, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or text to 741-741. Learn about the warning signs of suicide at the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

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