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Mental Health

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Physician Burnout: The Open Secret We Need to Confront

An autumn evening around a decade ago. I can remember it as vividly as last night. A Monday, one of my “triples,” the days I […]

Be Well Philly

How America’s Adderall Shortage Reflects a Long-Broken System

I’m walking through Rittenhouse on the way to get my daughter from school on Valentine’s Day, and I get a text from my husband, Matt. […]

Be Well Philly

14 Philly-Area Studios Where You Can Take Meditation Classes

We live in a world and a city where it’s GO, GO, GO, and mental stimulation is constant. From Instagram-induced FOMO to all those dang […]

Be Well Philly

This West Philly Resident Is Launching a No-Cost Cycling Group for Black Women

Philly has long been a biking city, but the local cycling scene has been booming the past three years. For instance, Kelly Drive saw a […]

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5 Tips for Practicing Body Neutrality in Daily Life

Approaches like body neutrality, body positivity, and “Health at Every Size” can help combat weight-related stigma and shame. Here’s what to keep in mind for […]

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This Body-Image Approach Can Help Reframe the Way You Talk and Think About Yourself

This past July, pop singer Jax orchestrated a flash mob in front of a Los Angeles Victoria’s Secret store, set to her body-liberation anthem “Victoria’s […]

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This Navy Yard-Based Apiary Is Focused on Mental Health and Mindfulness

Half Mad Honey is a Navy Yard-based apiary focused on mental health and mindfulness. Founders Amelia Mraz and Natasha Pham tell us the name is […]

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How to Mentally, Emotionally and Financially Survive the Holidays, According to the Pros

Though it may seem like everything is full of cheer this time of year, it’s no secret stress levels go up during the holiday season […]

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These “Psychs on Bikes” Want to Help You Finish the Philadelphia Marathon

After all this training, still scared you’re going to fall apart at the Philadelphia Marathon on Sunday? Don’t worry. You can just chat with actual […]

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This New Book by a Local Psychotherapist Wants You to Explore Your Dark Side (For Good!)

In one of her lesser-known (but totally underrated) songs, “Dark Side,” Kelly Clarkson sings about a “place that I know / It’s not pretty there […]

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10 Ways to Keep From Falling Apart When the World Seems to Be Doing Just That

If we’re being honest, life as of late has felt like a nonstop series of unfortunate events. As if you don’t need reminding, the United […]

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This App Created by a Former CHOP Nurse Lets You Virtually Play With Puppies

Growing up, I never had a dog, despite writing “Golden Retriever Puppy” at the very top of my Christmas list every year. (Thanks, Mom and […]

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6 Philadelphia Women on How Their Tattoos Help Them Cope with Trauma

People get tattoos for a variety of reasons: to honor a loved one, to represent part of their culture, to express themselves, to commemorate a […]

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These Philly-Area Sports Therapists Are Here to Support Athletes’ Mental Health

For most athletes, being in the spotlight comes with an immense amount of pressure. Whether it’s overcoming an injury, game-day anxieties, or the overwhelming fear […]

doctor hannah mclane of the soundmind center, philadelphia's first psychedelic-assisted therapy clinic
City Life

This West Philly Doctor Says Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Could Change Your Life

Medical marijuana is so 2019. At the just-opened SoundMind Center in West Philadelphia, physician and psychotherapist Hannah McLane is treating patients with ketamine and plans […]