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Sarah Jordan

City Life

The Fight To Keep Philly’s Theater Scene Alive

Three years post-pandemic, audiences haven’t returned, costs are up, and funding is down. The show must go on, but how?

Be Well Philly

How Do We Fix a Health-Care System on the Verge of Crisis?

We address some of the biggest challenges in our health-care system and talk to local pros with ideas on how to make things better.

Be Well Philly

Are We Ready to Care for Our Aging Population?

There’s a seismic shift of Americans going into retirement by 2030. They’ll need more medical care as they age — and the resources to pay for it.

City Life

After Last Year’s Labor Battle, Will the Art Museum Come Back Stronger?

It’s been a rough few years for the Philadelphia Museum of Art, hit with layoffs, union disputes, a 19-day strike and accusations of a toxic work culture.

Be Well Philly

5 Tips for Practicing Body Neutrality in Daily Life

A handful of reminders for your body-image journey, through the lens of body neutrality.

Be Well Philly

Body Neutrality: What It Is and How It Can Help with Body Image

In a society obsessed with appearance, how can any of us maintain a judgment-free relationship with our bodies? Body neutrality just might be the answer.

City Life

Can the First Philadelphia Polo Classic Make the City a Pony Town?

Work to Ride phenom Kareem Rosser is aiming to make the city a force in the polo world.

Be Well Philly

Telemedicine Revolutionized Healthcare. But Its Future Is Uncertain

COVID forced the health-care system to offer telehealth to all. Why would we ever go back?

philadelphia monuments
City Life

5 of Philly’s Most Meaningful Monuments, According to Monument Lab’s Paul Farber

Paul Farber and his team at Monument Lab specialize in helping communities dream about not just what monuments should be, but also what they could be.

monument lab
City Life

Who Deserves a Statue — And Who Never Did? Philly’s Monument Lab May Have Answers

Philadelphia is in the midst of a messy reckoning with the relics of its past. Do Paul Farber and his team of civic architecture superheroes hold the key to figuring out who should be yanked off their pedestals — and who should replace them?

virtual arts
Things to Do

What Will Philly’s Arts Scene Look Like After a Year Without Audiences?

The pandemic forced profound changes to the city’s arts and culture sector. What comes next will say a lot about who we are — and what kind of city we want to be.

Life & Style

The Know-It-All Guide to Buying Art in Philadelphia

Philly’s art scene is bursting with talent. Here’s how to get in on the action.

City Life

Has the Manayunk Bike Race Hit Its Final Wall?

The annual event is on the skids after 33 years. Will someone — anyone — rescue it?

City Life

The Manayunk Bike Race Is Dead — Again

Has Philly’s beloved cycling classic finally run out of road? It sure seems like it.

City Life

What the Hell Is Going On at the Pennsylvania Ballet?

Taking stock of the Angel Corella era.