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The Restaurant Industry Already Had a Mental Health Crisis. Coronavirus Is Making it Worse.

On March 19th, just a few days after High Street Hospitality closed its doors, owner Ellen Yin got word that Samuel Howard, an employee at […]

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How to Feel Less Alone and Anxious and Overwhelmed While You’re Stuck in Your House

Usually, homesickness is an affliction that comes from spending time away from home. However, during a pandemic in which we are all collectively hunkered down […]

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10 Philly Studios Where You Can Take Meditation Classes

Looking for meditation classes you can stream online? You can find a list here.  We live in a world and a city where it’s GO, […]

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This Philly Artist Is Creating a Positive Space for Mental Health Conversations

Since 2011, local artist and West Philly youth arts teacher Shanina Dionna has been an advocate for mental health, especially through her visual art. With […]

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11 Ways to Combat the Winter Blues, According to Philly Wellness Pros

Every year when the temps drop and the sun sets before I even get home from work, I find myself feeling lethargic, reclusive, and sometimes, […]

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This Local Therapist Wants You to Achieve Work-Life Balance by Prioritizing Intimacy

We’re a culture of incredibly productive people — in fact, we barely know what to do when we’re not being productive. And that’s a problem. […]

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5 Philly Fitness Pros Open Up about Their Mental Health

We hear it time and time again: taking care of your mind is just as important as taking care of your body. Yet, though we […]

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NextUp: Tridiuum’s Digital Health Platform Is Strengthening Patient-Provider Connections

“NextUp” is a weekly NextHealth PHL feature that highlights the local leaders, organizations and research shaping the Greater Philadelphia region’s life sciences ecosystem. Email [email protected] […]

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Genomind’s Genetic Test for Mental Health Is Now at Acme Pharmacies

King of Prussia-based mental health company Genomind recently expanded its partnership with Acme markets, making its genetic testing service available to patients in all 37 […]

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How to Finally Break Your Phone Addiction This Year

You keep saying you want less screen time. Catherine Price, Philly-based author of How to Break Up With Your Phone, tells you how to finally […]

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City Life

Philly Police End Practice of Releasing Mental Health Status of Missing Residents

The Philadelphia Police Department says it has stopped releasing the mental health status of Philadelphia residents reported missing, something the department had been doing routinely […]

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City Life

In “Assault on Privacy,” Philly Police Routinely Reveal Mental Health Status of Missing City Residents

As far as Google was concerned, South Philly’s Christine Veasey was a relatively anonymous person a year ago. Back then, a quick search on her […]

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City Life

I Built My Identity Around Being Bipolar. Then My Doctor Said I’m Not Bipolar

My psychiatrist first floated the idea that I don’t have bipolar disorder months ago, when we were spending another session dissecting my history of disasters. […]

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How to Find a Therapist in Philadelphia

We’ve reached a strange and wonderful era where it seems like everyone is either a) in therapy or b) has been to therapy.  Of course, […]

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What We Can All Learn From the Fat Sex Therapist

If you follow fat acceptance, queer, or radical voices on Instagram, it’s likely that someone you follow has shared one of Sonalee Rashatwar’s posts. Under the handle @thefatsextherapist, the […]