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Senior Reporter at Philadelphia Magazine

anthony bourdain michael depasquale

More Lies and Misdeeds from Anthony Bourdain’s Fake Friend

The saga of South Philly chef Michael DePasquale continues.


Dear Wawa: Here’s How You Can Be Better

Twelve steps to self-improvement.


31 Fun Facts Every Wawa Nerd Should Know

Vital — and some completely meaningless — facts and figures about Philly’s favorite convenience store.


People Are Still Sending Us Amazing Wawa Theme Song Videos

And yet, no one has submitted their take on "Go, Shorti, it’s your birthday..."

marines assaulted philadelphia antifa

Marines Testify About the “Antifa Mob” They Say Attacked Them in Philly

“I could have died that day,” one of the marines told the court on Thursday morning.

michael depasquale anthony bourdain

South Philly Chef’s Claims of Anthony Bourdain Partnership Implode

The strange tale — and we do mean tale — of self-proclaimed “celebrity chef” Michael DePasquale, who also says he was a United States Marine.


What It’s Like to Work at Wawa, According to an Anonymous Employee

The longtime Wawa worker tells us about bloody in-store fights, idiotic customers, and the one sandwich you should never, ever order.

theme song

We Asked Philly Musicians and Comedians to Write Wawa New Theme Songs

Here is their best work. Naturally, a parody of “Eye of the Tiger” could not be avoided.


What Our Favorite Philadelphians Order at Wawa

Yes, somebody actually fessed up to ordering the jalapeño-stuffed cheese pretzels, while one city official doesn’t get anything there these days. She’s boycotting!


Here’s All of Our Wawa Week Coverage in One Place

From a staunch defense of the meatball sandwiches to some incredibly fun new Wawa theme songs written by Philadelphians.

poes sandwich joint fishtown na poe restaurant

Marijuana Enthusiast N.A. Poe’s Fishtown Restaurant Is Finally Here

Poe’s Sandwich Joint debuts on Thursday. We’ve got all the details.

uarts lawsuit harris fogel photographer

Fired UArts Prof Claims a Kiss at a Public Event Led to His Termination

In a just-filed lawsuit, photographer Harris Fogel says it was just a collegial greeting between friends. The school says otherwise.

thomas massey antifa marines attacked philadelphia

Second Man Arrested in Philly Marine Attack Wanted “More Violence” at Trump Inauguration

Thomas Massey has been charged with criminal conspiracy, aggravated assault, and theft in connection with the November 17th incident.

misfits food delivery
Be Well Philly

This Philly Company Rescues "Ugly" Produce — Then Delivers It to Your Door

I ordered a box of organic fruits and veggies from Misfits Market last week and was more than a little surprised at what I found inside.


Philly Loves Bowie Week Returns and Is Bigger and Better Than Ever

Somehow, Philadelphia became the center of one of the world’s biggest David Bowie celebrations.