Victor Fiorillo

Senior Reporter at Philadelphia Magazine

lemar king collingdale

Delco Man Charged With Making “Weapons of Mass Destruction”

Police say they found four deadly devices in his home.


Basically, Nobody Has a Clue How Much Snow We’re Getting Today

But that’s not stopping dozens of schools from closing early.

chinese restaurants philadelphia lawsuit

Owners of 21 Chinese Restaurants Sue Philly for Racial Discrimination

They say that police selectively enforce a curfew law, allowing pizza joints to stay open after 11 p.m. while ticketing Chinese spots.

asa khalif city council run

Asa Khalif Says He’s Running for City Council

“If the election was today, I’d win,” insists the controversial Philadelphia activist.

cookies tavern marine corps birthday

Why South Philly Hosts One of the Largest Marine Corps Birthday Parties

Thousands are expected to celebrate on Saturday outside an Oregon Avenue bar.

frank rizzo estate sale

You Can Now Own Frank Rizzo’s Nightstick, Rolodex — and House

A Frank Rizzo estate sale has been announced, featuring nearly 700 items. Here are our favorite pieces.

ted millstein susan halpern tax evasion

Married Rittenhouse Lawyers Plead Guilty in Big IRS Tax Case

The feds say that he hid cash in his kids’ bank accounts while his wife spent it on overseas trips, salon visits, and fancy clothes and jewelry.


Naturally, There Were More Bible Problems in Philadelphia on Election Day

And some broken voting machines. But all in all, things went pretty smoothly given the extremely high turnout.

election day philadelphia problems

City Tells Poll Workers to Keep Bibles Out of Sight on Election Day

After complaints during the May primary about the Good Book being on display inside polling places, the city has given new instructions to election workers.

Pennsylvania Election Poll Problems

7 Election Day Problems You Should Most Definitely Report

And one that you probably shouldn’t. But, hey, you really want a sticker, don’t you?

arson fitzwater street south philadelphia

Police Say This Man Tried to Set a South Philly House on Fire

According to investigators, he slid newspapers into the mail slot of a home and then lit them on fire.

burger king cheesesteak burger

I Tried Burger King’s "Philly Cheesesteak Burger" So You Don’t Have To

And within a couple of hours, I was projectile-vomiting all over the place.


A Definitive Ranking of the Best Halloween Candies, According to a 12-Year-Old

In: Skittles. Out: Almond Joys.

scary halloween costumes

Remember When Halloween Costumes Used to Be, You Know, Scary?

Yeah, Gritty is great, I guess. But could we please gets some goblins and ghouls back in the game?

iphone heist south philly

The Great South Philly iPhone Heist of 2018

Remember when South Philly guys used to steal truckloads of cigarettes?