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Senior Reporter at Philadelphia Magazine

a photo illustration of the william penn statue on top of city hall wearing a coronavirus face mask in philadelphia
City Life

Local Rabbi Wants City Hall to Stick a Face Mask On the William Penn Statue

The Rocky statue, too. And you know what? It’s actually not a terrible idea.

A young masked boy plays basketball during the Philadelphia coronavirus crisis
City Life

Philly Coronavirus News: Philly Gets Masked, Picnickers Get Tossed, Recycling Gets Bumped

"A man wearing a face mask just walked past my house," said one Philly woman. "A week ago, that would have freaked me out."

lizzo, who donated lunch to the staff at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania during the Philadelphia coronavirus crisis
City Life

Lizzo Sends Lunch, Philly Gets Ballooned, and More Good Things That Happened This Week

Because it can’t all be bad news.

a woman wearing a mask during the philadelphia coronavirus crisis
City Life

The City’s Puny $100 Coronavirus Fine, More Wawa Employees Test Positive

Plus, our region is at 5,000 cases and counting.

chuck peruto, the lawyer who is challenging larry krasner to become district attorney of philadelphia
City Life

Chuck Peruto Explains Why He Must Run Against Larry Krasner for Philly D.A.

The well-known criminal defense attorney voted for Krasner. Now, he’s ready to unseat him.

a message sent to a philly uber rider who has been suspended during the coronavirus crisis
City Life

Uber Suspends Riders Over “Public Health Concern,” City Shuts Down Businesses

“I wouldn’t get into an Uber right now,” says one Philly Uber driver. “You’re playing Russian roulette.”

a closed wine and spirits store in philadelphia during the coronavirus crisis
City Life

No, State Stores Aren’t Reopening, But SEPTA Buses Are Now Free

Plus, Kenney calls out Krasner.

a free box of food handed out by the city of philadelphia during the coronavirus crisis
City Life

We Take a Look Inside the Box of Free Food Handed Out By the City

Plus: the Archdiocese apologizes for its rogue churches.

reverend michael rock delivers sunday mass at our lady of lourdes catholic church in philadelphia during the coronavirus crisis
City Life

Catholics Can Still Find Public Mass — and Even Communion — During the Philly Coronavirus Crisis

Our Lady of Lourdes and St. Barnabas are among the area Catholic churches doing their own thing.

photo of a family during the coronavirus in philadelphia
City Life

A South Philly Photographer Is Documenting What Life in Coronavirus Quarantine Looks Like

All of her commercial photography gigs suddenly “evaporated,” so Andrea Cipriani Mecchi headed outdoors with her Nikon.

map of coronavirus cases in philadelphia
City Life

Philly Coronavirus News: City Releases Coronavirus Neighborhood Map, Wolf Lays Off 2,500

"The COVID-19 outbreak has taxed our Commonwealth and our communities in ways that are almost incomprehensible,” says the governor.

cherry blossoms in bloom in philadelphia during the coronavirus crisis
City Life

Some Good Things That Happened in Philly This Week in Spite of Coronavirus

For starters: cherry blossoms.

coronavirus wawa philadelphia
City Life

More Wawa Trouble, City Upgrades Risk Level, NJ Closes Beaches

Want to walk into a Philly Wawa and order a Meatball Shorti or an Italian Classic? For now, you can’t.

coronavirus comes to this wawa in philadelphia
City Life

Wawa Employee Tests Positive, Philly Catholics Cancel Easter, and Valley Forge Shuts Down

Our suggestion? Grab some black beans from your pantry and let Jose Garces show you the way.

man riding septa during the coronavirus crisis in philadelphia
City Life

Philly Criminal Filings Plummet, Coronavirus Cases Climb, SEPTA Execs Take Pay Cut

And we can’t believe we feel the need to say this, but please, please, please, don’t intentionally cough on people.