Victor Fiorillo

Senior Reporter at Philadelphia Magazine


Josh Shapiro on Meeting the Pope, Gun Culture, and Custom Bocce Balls

The attorney general has been in the news all year for his office’s investigation of the Catholic Church.

muse 2 review meditation headband
Be Well Philly

The Futuristic Headband That Makes You Better at Meditating

Can this novel device slow down an always-racing mind?

sugarhouse lawsuit

Gamblers Sue SugarHouse Over “Illegitimate” Decks and Botched Card Games

The Philadelphia casino was fined by the state in 2018 for problems at its gaming tables, and now two men who say they lost more than $250,000 there want their money back … and then some.

philadelphia concerts

The 20 Philadelphia Concerts You Need to Add to Your Summer Calendar

A carefully curated guide to an utterly awesome summer concert season.

sprouts market south philadelphia stolen passport

South Philly Woman Offers $1,000 for Return of Passport Stolen From Sprouts Market

Police are looking for this man in connection with a theft that has made Rebecca O’Leary’s life unusually Kafkaesque.

lost wedding dress christine besso

It Took the Internet Less Than 24 Hours to Find a Nurse’s Long-Lost Wedding Dress

It was easier than any of us thought.

philadelphia primary election problems

Here Are the Philly Primary Election Problems You Should Most Definitely Report

And one you can probably skip.

lost wedding gown preservation box besso

This Philly-Area Nurse Is On a Frantic Search to Find Her Missing Wedding Dress

Almost three decades after her wedding, Christine Besso pulled out the box her dress had been preserved in to give to her daughter for her own wedding. There was only one small problem.

speed cameras philadelphia

It’s Official: Speed Cameras Will Be Installed in Philly this Year

First red-light cameras. Now speed cameras. It’s getting really hard to be a dangerous driver in this town.

joe biden philadelphia headquarters

Looks Like We’ll Be Seeing a Lot of Joe Biden in Philly

The campaign has chosen our city for its national headquarters.

chris stigall 1210am

What Happened to Chris Stigall After He Left 1210AM? A Podcast, of Course.

We caught up with the longtime conservative talker to chat about his departure from the radio waves, his new online show, and, naturally, Brian Sims.

nina simone

Nina Simone’s Complicated Relationship With Philadelphia

Her career might have turned out a bit differently had it not been for Philly.

planned parenthood

Anti-Abortion Activists Plan to Converge on Philly Planned Parenthood on Friday

Brian Sims stirred the pot with two viral videos, and now the pot might just boil over.

atlantic city self serve beer bar

A Self-Serve Beer Bar Is Set to Open in Atlantic City This Summer

Assuming the government doesn’t shoot down the idea, Bally’s Beer Yourself is scheduled to debut in June.

london grill terry berch mcnally

London Grill Owner Terry Berch McNally Is Not Closing Her Restaurant Quietly

The outspoken Fairmount restaurant veteran on feeding David Lynch, rolling her eyes at some of #MeToo, beating animal rights "terrorists," and why City Hall is her mortal enemy.