Victor Fiorillo

Senior Reporter at Philadelphia Magazine

spotted lanternfly philadelphia pennsylvania
City Life

This Spotted Lanternfly Problem Is About to Get Even More Disgusting

Pennsylvania’s top official battling the invasive pests talks egg sacs, praying mantises, and why napalm is not the answer.

philadelphia parking authority ppa notice
City Life

The Philadelphia Parking Authority Is Cutting Car Owners a Break. For Once.

At first glance, we assumed these flyers were a hoax.

City Life

West Philly Woman Turns Dead Spotted Lanternflies Into Jewelry

“It freaks me out how murder-happy we are with them,” says Candice Jeffries, who sells spotted lanternfly earrings for $28 and up.

Maria Quiñones Sánchez
City Life

Maria Quiñones Sánchez on Her Pet Shih Tzu and Hanging Out in Northeast Philly Bars

The renegade City Council member talks being a workaholic and the unlikely places she gets “a lot of stuff done.”

fringe festival philadelphia venue shut down
City Life

City Shuts Down Major Philly Fringe Festival Venue Over “Serious Safety Violations”

Inspectors from the Department of Licenses & Inspections descended upon the fest’s popular pop-up cabaret bar in South Philly on Wednesday night.

elizabeth warren ed rendell hypocrite
City Life

Elizabeth Warren Is a Hypocrite, Says Hypocrite Ed Rendell

It’s a term he loves throwing around.

philly police lawsuit pal
City Life

The Philly Police Athletic League Favors White Kids, Says Latina Who Ran It

Evelyn Cintron claims she was forced into retirement after she tried to fix what she says are major disparities between Police Athletic League locations in different neighborhoods.

philly fringe festival free events
City Life

Yes, Two Philly Fringe Festivals Just Opened. Confused?

You don’t have to be. Here’s what you need to know.

karen hepp facebook lawsuit fox
City Life

Fox 29 Anchor Karen Hepp Files $10 Million Lawsuit Against Facebook and Reddit

Think you can just take a woman’s photo and share it however you want? The popular Good Day Philadelphia host is taking on the Wild Wild West that is the Internet.

jim kenney cell phone
City Life

The Kenney Administration’s Trumpian Response to Our Latest DROP Exposé

Petty retribution or responsible stewardship of the public trust? You be the judge.

asterix mural philadelphia obelix
City Life

South Philly’s Ridiculously Out of Place Asterix Mural Is Being Demolished This Week

The (short) life story of a tribute to Asterix, the obscure-in-the-United States-but-famous-everywhere-else French comic book series.

fall theater
Things to Do

Your Guide to Philly’s Most Exciting Theater Season in Years

From Hamilton mania to Mean Girls to the Fringe Festival, here are the 20 shows and events you won’t want to miss.

philadelphia actors
Things to Do

The Philly Theater Stars You Can’t Miss This Season

Five actors stealing the spotlight on local stages.

hamilton in philly
Things to Do

“Hamilton” In Philly: Everything You Need to Know Before You Go

From parking and dining options to security, seat comfort (yes, seat comfort!) and ticket availability.

comcast tip belgian cafe lisa sloat

A Comcast Exec Left This Philly Bartender a $1,000 Tip on a $47 Check

“Lisa is one of those folks I’ve come across in my life that have such a positive attitude,” says the customer, who asked to remain anonymous. “And this just felt right.”