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a woman who has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Bloomingdale's, Macy's, and company executive roger blazek
City Life

This Woman Claims She Was Sexually Assaulted By Her Boss at the Willow Grove Bloomingdale’s

Christen Goldstein Shafkowitz has filed a federal lawsuit against Bloomingdale’s, parent company Macy’s, and Roger Blazek, an executive who has worked for the company for decades.

bobby henon doing an indoor gym workout without a COVID mask inside Dan Campos Fitness in Philadelphia
City Life

Councilman Bobby Henon Proves Why Philly Gyms Need to Be Shut Down

A photo of the unmasked elected official working out inside a Northeast Philly gym on Tuesday — alongside a lot of other unmasked patrons — shows you can’t count on everyone following the rules.

friends enjoying an outdoor thanksgiving, which you can't really do in Philadelphia thanks to new COVID restriction
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Yes, Even Your Outdoor Socially Distanced Thanksgiving Party Is Banned

The city has put the kibosh on all holiday celebrations with anyone outside your household. Well, except on Zoom.

a COVID sign in Philadelphia, which has just announced new Philadelphia COVID restrictions
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Philly Enacts Long New List of COVID Rules, Restrictions and Outright Prohibitions

Life as you know it, or at least as you’ve known it for the last few months, is about to change dramatically.

a portion of a transcript in a Pennsylvania voter fraud lawsuit in which a Pennsylvania judge asks a Trump lawyer if there's actually any evidence of voter fraud
City Life

Trump Lawyer to Pennsylvania Judge: Nope, I’ve Got No Evidence of Voter Fraud

President Donald J. Trump has been aggressively pursuing voter fraud in the courts — but in Montgomery County, even his own lawyers admit there’s no grand conspiracy afoot.

west philadelphia activist anthony smith, who has been charged with setting a Philadelphia police car on fire
City Life

Judge Sends Anthony Smith Home After Receiving More Than 70 Letters of Support for the Activist

The West Philly resident will remain on a minimally restrictive form of house arrest until he goes to trial on charges that he participated in the arson of a cop car.

City Life

The Most Philly Photos and Videos from the Philly Victory Party

We’ll see your World Series and Super Bowl victory celebrations and raise you one Joe Biden-Kamala Harris-won-the-election celebration.


On This Warm Fall Weekend, Philly Is Shutting Down More Streets for Outdoor Dining

Just in case you feel the need for a celebration, we have the full list of streets you can eat on in Philadelphia.

one of the philadelphia election watchers inside the pennsylvania convention center
City Life

Court Orders Philly to Allow Elections Watchers Within 6 Feet of Vote Counters

They were previously kept at a distance that one watcher said required him to use binoculars to see anything. The city intends to take the case to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

joe biden in philadelphia on Election Day before the Pennsylvania election results started to be tallied
City Life

Biden Campaign Insists He Will Win Pennsylvania

At a press conference on Wednesday morning, Joe Biden’s campaign manager and senior advisor remained bullish. Trump’s campaign isn’t ready to give up yet.

City Life

Photos from Ground Zero: The Philly Vote Count

This is what it looks like inside the Pennsylvania Convention Center, where the pieces of paper being counted could very well determine the next President of the United States.

a woman drops her pennsylvania mail in ballot into a dropbox outside of city hall, and now a lot of pennsylvania voters are confused about the status of their pennsylvania mail in ballots because of an outdated state website
City Life

If Your Pennsylvania Mail-In Ballot Status Was “Pending,” Check Again

Since complaints emerged that the state’s vote tracking website is unreliable and outdated, we’ve seen some improvement.

Philadelphia voter Denise Pettus outside her polling place in West Philadelphia on Election Day
City Life

First in Line at the Polls, “Terrified” but Prepared

Early morning scenes from a West Philly polling place, featuring the start of a line to vote and a fake “poll watcher.”

Philadelphia voters in 2020
City Life

Your Ultimate Guide to Voting in Philly on Election Day

From voter intimidation to ballot selfies to polling place confusion. All your day-of-voting questions, answered.

pennsylvania poll watchers
City Life

What Pennsylvania Poll Watchers Can (and Can’t) Do on Election Day

Here, your biggest poll watcher questions answered.