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the colonial theatre in phoenixville, one of the pennsylvania movie theaters set to reopen this weekend
City Life

Yes, You Can Go See a Movie This Weekend — But You Can’t Eat Inside a Philly Restaurant

Exercising inside a Philly gym is also off the table.

the FBI says this photo shows Lore Blumenthal lighting a Philadelphia police car on fire during a George Floyd protest
City Life

The Feds Are Playing Hardball With Accused Arsonist Lore Blumenthal

Her attorney calls the situation “absurd.”

philadelphia police using tear gas on protesters, who are filing a lawsuit over the use of tear gas
City Life

Philly Lawyers Prepping Massive Lawsuit Against City Over Tear Gas and Other Incidents

“Police and other officials need to be held accountable for these military-style assaults,” says Center City lawyer Paul Hetznecker.

bob brady, the former u.s. congressman from philadelphia and current head of Philly's Democratic party
City Life

Dear Bob Brady: Your Time Is Up

That’s the message that ward leader Brian Eddis just delivered to the former U.S. congressman, who has been the head of Philadelphia’s Democratic City Committee since way back in 1986.

philly restaurants not practicing social distancing after reopening for outdoor dining
City Life

City Threatens to Shut Down Restaurants Where Outdoor Dining Rules Aren’t Being Followed

Residents have filed complaints against Porcini in Rittenhouse Square and Oregon Steaks in South Philly, among other restaurants.

Philly police commissioner Danielle Outlaw, who was the subject of threats by Peter Fratus, according to the FBI
City Life

Feds Charge Man With Threatening Philly Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw

The FBI says that the man admitted to investigators that he had “crossed the line.”

a man with a gun guards the christopher columbus statue in south philadelphia
City Life

Those Assault Rifles Down at the Columbus Statue May Be Perfectly Legal

Plus: George Bochetto takes the city to court over the monument. And a court official gets fired after a caught-on-camera tirade.

men armed with guns and bats "defending" the christopher columbus statue in south philadelphia
City Life

Men Break Out Guns, Bats and Hatchets to “Protect” South Philly’s Christopher Columbus Statue

Meanwhile, the Christopher Columbus statue just over the bridge in Camden, New Jersey has been removed.

tamala edwards
City Life

Tamala Edwards on Broadcasting From Her Living Room and Inspiring the Next Generation

Fifteen years after joining 6 ABC, the early-morning anchor talks about working amid a pandemic and protests.

an anti-joe bologna t-shirt after philly police union came out with a t-shirt in support of the cop charged with assaulting a protester
City Life

Philly Gets the Anti-Joe Bologna T-Shirt That It Needs

Plus: The Inquirer’s scathing report on the Philly police. And primary results are finally in.

woodlynne cop ryan dubiel pepper spraying a teen who was sitting on a stoop
City Life

White South Jersey Cop Charged After Pepper Spraying Black Teen Who Was Just Sitting on a Stoop

This is the ninth — yes, ninth — police department that the cop has worked for. He’s 31 years old.

George Smith and Austayne Brown, cousins who drove all the way from Philadelphia to Texas for the George Floyd funeral
City Life

These Men Drove All the Way from Philly to Texas for the George Floyd Funeral

And here is the powerful message they brought home with them.

a christopher columbus monument in philadelphia and a christopher columbus statue in philadelphia
City Life

Now That Frank Rizzo Is Gone, Maybe It’s Time to Talk About Those Christopher Columbus Statues

With a Columbus statue thrown into a lake in Virginia and another beheaded — yes, beheaded! — in Boston, where does that leave Philly’s Columbus statues?

philly police officer joseph bologna
City Life

Philly Police Officer Joseph Bologna, Who Is Charged With Assaulting a Protester, Has Been Suspended

And there are reportedly other protest incidents involving Bologna under investigation.

Clarissa Dunston, a 103-year-old south philadelphia woman who insisted on voting in the primary
City Life

103-Year-Old South Philly Woman Insisted On Going to Vote After Mail-In Ballot Didn’t Show Up

She made it with minutes to spare.