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coronavirus soap
City Life

Philly Coronavirus News: Philly’s First Case, School Closings, Lots of Bar Soap

"The pandemic has now arrived to the City of Philadelphia," Philly’s health commissioner said on Tuesday.

City Life

How Penn, Comcast, Wawa and Vanguard Are Dealing With the Coronavirus

We checked in with ten of Philly’s biggest employers.

christine flowers
City Life

Christine Flowers Explains Why She Was "Fired" By the Inquirer This Week

Moral of the story: Be careful what you say on Twitter!

dispatches from elsewhere location scout troy coffee at the linc
City Life

The Dispatches Location Scout Explains How They Chose Where to Film in Philly

Philly’s own Troy Coffee tells us about his very cool job.

quotes from dispatches from elsewhere reviews
City Life

Is Dispatches from Elsewhere Good or Bad? Depends On Which Critic You Believe.

We rounded up 10 reviews, from the New York Times to Vice to Variety.

photos from tv shows set in philadelphia, including hack, amen, philly, thirtysomething, and it's always sunny in philadelphia
City Life

The Great Lie of So-Called “Philly” TV Shows

Unlike Dispatches from Elsewhere, the vast majority of Philly-set TV shows spent very, very little time here.

dispatches from elsewhere actors
City Life

These Philly Actors Tell Us What It Was Like to Be a Part of Dispatches from Elsewhere

“It was magical,” says one.

dispatches from elsewhere trans actress eve lindley with jason segel
City Life

Meet Eve Lindley, Jason Segel’s Dispatches from Elsewhere Co-Star We’re In Love With

A Q&A with the trans woman who plays Simone, the romantic interest of Segel’s character.

jason segel in dispatches from elsewhere
City Life

Dispatches from Elsewhere Is the Best On-Screen Representation of Philly Since Rocky

No, really. Plus, it’s good, fun, moving TV. Watch it.

jason segel and dispatches from elsewhere co-star eve lindley in front of the Fishtown cat mural
City Life

Jason Segel and His "Dispatches from Elsewhere" Cast Members Made a Video “Love Letter” to Philly

The Philly-shot show debuts this weekend on AMC. Here’s what Jason and the cast think of our fair city.

jose garces
City Life

Jose Garces on Restaurant Critics and the Strangest Thing He’s Ever Eaten

The Iron Chef muses about the state of the industry and the Philly neighborhood he says “could be on the verge of something big.”

where to find free wifi in philadelphia
City Life

Here’s Where to Get Free Wi-Fi in Philly

Remember when we were supposed to be the first place in the country to offer a citywide wi-fi network? Yeah, well …

City Life

Facebook Calls B.S. On Karen Hepp’s $10 Million Lawsuit Against the Company

The social media giant has filed a motion to dismiss the Fox 29 personality’s suit over a photo used without her permission. We spoke to her lawyer.

philly jesus lawsuit cops
City Life

Philly Jesus Is Suing Police and City for First Amendment Violations

The man known on his birth certificate as Michael Grant claims police "ordered" him to stop preaching at, ironically, Christmas Village in December. After that, he says he was "dragged across the street" by cops.

liz goldman
City Life

A Twist of Fate Led a Main Line Doc and Her Patient on a Fight for Sexual Assault Victims’ Rights

It wasn’t until a patient revealed her abuse at the hands of Larry Nassar that psychiatrist Liz Goldman decided to go public with her own sexual assault in the Lower Merion School District.