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Victor Fiorillo

Senior Reporter at Philadelphia Magazine

Dolph Lundgren (aka Drago from Rocky) in a Zaxby's commercial that makes it clear that Zaxby's doesn't understand Philly or cheesesteaks at all

Someone Tell Drago and Zaxby’s There’s No Such Thing as a “Philly” in Philly

Plus: Burgertime NJ calls it quits. Lots of Santucci’s news. And a new brunch for you to check out.

a photo of a wawa pizza by a Philly resident who posted a negative wawa pizza review
City Life

Philly Today: People Really, Really Hate Wawa Pizza — For Good Reason

And it turns out this isn’t the first time the Great Wawa Pizza Experiment has failed.

Jen Zavala, owner of Juana Tamale, inside the South Philadelphia restaurant

Jennifer Zavala on Haters, Bad Employees, and Why She’s Leaving Philadelphia

Plus, the Juana Tamale owner explains why on earth she got a tattoo of Steve Keeley.

josh kruger, the murdered philadelphia journalist who has been accused of sexually abusing the suspect in his death
City Life

Philly Today: Amid Sex Abuse Allegations, Service for Murdered Journalist Josh Kruger Canceled

Plus, noted Philly-area antisemite and gym freak joins Trump family rally tour.

Blooper, the awful Atlanta Braves mascot
City Life

5 Reasons We Hate the Atlanta Braves So Much

Yes, we’re fighting them for baseball supremacy. But it’s much more than that.

josh kruger, who was murdered recently at his Point Breeze home
City Life

Philly Today: Troubling Allegations Arise About Murdered Journalist Josh Kruger

“Josh was in a bad place,” says Kruger’s brother. “We’re just not sure how bad of a place.”

Anthony Gargano, seen here with his ten-year-old son Massimo. Gargano is in the middle of a lawsuit with the owner of the Fanatic radio station.
City Life

Philly Today: “Where’s the Conflict?” Anthony Gargano Asks After Fanatic Injunction

A judge just issued an emergency injunction against him in Fanatic lawsuit.

jason kelce, as see in the new eagles players tide commercial
City Life

Philly Today: The Eagles May Be Winners, But This New Tide Commercial Is One Big Loser

Plus, Philly journalist fired after making pro-Palestine tweet.

A $35 "Free Meatball" t-shirt showing the mugshot of Meatball aka Dayjia Blackwell. Police arrested her for looting in Philadelphia last week.
City Life

Philly Today: Meatball’s “Free Meatball” Mugshot Shirts Vanish

Has she maybe realized that making a blatant mockery of the system wasn’t such a hot idea?

Life & Style

Picture-Perfect Train Trips to Take From Philly This Fall

Climb aboard journeys perfect for leaf-peeping — and much more.

Philadelphia police say the man wearing the motorcycle helmet in the wild viral motorcycle video from Sunday night is 26-year-old Cody Heron (image via @vortex.hz
City Life

Philly Today: Wild Biker’s Lawyer Says There’s More to the Story

But agrees with the rest of the world that the crazy video is “disturbing.”

Philadelphia police say the man wearing the motorcycle helmet in the wild viral motorcycle video from Sunday night is 26-year-old Cody Heron
City Life

Philly Today: Man Arrested in Viral Motorcycle Incident

Plus, the owner of Pat’s Steaks knows you hate his cheesesteaks. He just doesn’t care.

City Life

Philly Hip-Hop Legend Schoolly D Has a Message for Wannabe Rappers

Plus, he weighs in on cheesesteak battles and the desserts at Fork.


Pat’s Steaks Owner Has Some Choice Words for His Haters

Plus, great stories about Michelle Obama, alleged contract killings, and Van Halen.

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner, who may walk back some of the charges stemming from the Philadelphia looting arrests
City Life

Philly Today: Larry Krasner May Walk Back Some Looting Charges

Plus, the local mom who just won the Philly Badass of the Year Award.