Sorry, We’re Never Changing Out of Addison Bay’s New Leggings

Local fitness company Addison Bay's new line, OTG, features clothing and accessories that are as good for a workout as they are for all your errands.

Fashion meets functional in OTG, Addison Bay’s new collection of stylish, on-the-go tops, leggings, and bags. / Photograph by Lexy Pierce, courtesy of Addison Bay.

Some people will say leggings are not pants and should only be saved for the gym. We’re here to remind you that you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. In all seriousness, though, finding pants (and clothes in general!) that are fashionable and comfortable are hard to come by, which is probably why so many of us flaunt our yoga pants and muscle tanks outside of class. I mean, it’s called athleisure for a reason, right?

To hush the haters, Philly-based online activewear store Addison Bay just created a collection of super stylish and functional clothing and accessories that takes athleisure to the next level. In the works for the past nine months, their new private label OTG — short for “on the go” — features tops, leggings, and even bags suitable for your next sweat sesh and a casual hangout with your gal pals. Clothing you can wear from 7 a.m. through 7 p.m. and still look on top of your game? We’re into it.

Photograph by Lexy Pierce, courtesy of Addison Bay.

Thanks to Addison Bay, your upgraded wardrobe can include:

  • a trendy pullover that blends a snuggly turtleneck with a fashion-forward hoodie ($148)
  • a fitted, yet relaxed long-sleeved shirt ($58)
  • a workout-worthy cinched crop top that would look totally cute at a summer music festival ($36)
  • leggings that look luxurious, but feel so cozy you’ll want to wear them as pajamas ($108)
  • a versatile shoulder tote ($158) and hipster bag ($88) good for spin class, a beach day, and even grocery shopping.

The OTG collection features a super comfy pullover and feel-good leggings. / Photograph by Lexy Pierce, courtesy of Addison Bay.

Photograph by Lexy Pierce, courtesy of Addison Bay.

Photograph by Lexy Pierce, courtesy of Addison Bay.

The OTG long-sleeved shirt and hipster bag are good for a workout, errands, or a night with friends. / Photograph by Lexy Pierce, courtesy of Addison Bay.

Photograph by Lexy Pierce, courtesy of Addison Bay.

Addison Bay’s Philly-raised founder and CEO Marguerite Adzick says OTG was born from the idea that activewear can and should go beyond the gym. After launching Addison Bay in September 2018, 31-year-old Adzick (who is also a mom to a one-and-a-half-year-old) decided to create a private label that blended functional needs with everyday style.

“The fit and function of each [OTG] piece is meant to create the modern wardrobe for the modern woman and her multi-tasking, on-the-go lifestyle,” Adzick says. “We strive to support her during every morning workout, afternoon errand, after-school pick-up, evening excursion and beyond.” That’s right: OTG has all the millennials, moms, fitness enthusiasts, brunch lovers, everyday women in mind (insert clapping-hands emoji). See Adzick in her video to celebrate launching OTG in the Insta post below:


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OTG officially launched December 5th, with spring/summer pieces coming March 15th. OTG will exclusively be sold on Addison Bay’s website and at future Addison Bay pop-up events (stay up-to-date here!).

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