Mary Clare Fischer

Heath & Wellness Editor

goal pace
Be Well Philly

How Fast Should You Run Broad Street?

Running coach Cory Smith gives you tips to figure out your goal pace ahead of time.

Be Well Philly

How to Survive Philly’s Rough Allergy Season

Allergy specialist Elina Toskala gives us tips to avoid sneezing.

french press coffee
Be Well Philly

French Press Coffee and Regular Stretching Keep This Roxborough Dentist Going

Rupali Gaindh’s morning Joe and periodic stretches help her stay alert and energized.

Be Well Philly

This Philly Native Was Shot at Age 16. Now He’s Bringing a New Kind of Movement to the City.

Evan Harden is leading the calisthenics charge in the city.

mingle mocktails
Be Well Philly

This Philly-Area Company Is Bottling Booze-Free Versions of Your Favorite Cocktails

Berwyn-based Mingle Mocktails sells non-alcoholic varieties of drinks like Moscow mules.

philly vegan restaurant week menus
Be Well Philly

5 Restaurants We Want to Visit During Philly Vegan Restaurant Week

The plant-based restaurant week returns for a second installment.

high radon levels
Be Well Philly

You Might Want to Get Your Home Tested for This Radioactive Gas

Pennsylvania’s a hot spot for radon, which can cause lung cancer at high levels.

pregnant sweat diaries
Be Well Philly

Avocado Toast and Goldie Shakes Star in This Pregnant Yoga Instructor’s Diet

Yoga Habit teacher Lindsay O’Brien takes us inside her delicious-meal-filled life.

yoga on the pier
Be Well Philly

One of Philly’s Largest Free Yoga Series Is Returning to Race Street Pier

Yoga On The Pier starts April 19th.

gear rental
Be Well Philly

Soon You Can Rent Car Camping Gear Without Detouring to the ’Burbs

United By Blue is launching its Get Outta Town Gear Rental Program.

construction bike yoga
Be Well Philly

This Scranton Construction Worker Does Yoga to Stay Limber for Mountain Biking

Dennis Knowlton says yoga was the key to biking 4,200 miles across the country.

low-cal IPA
Be Well Philly

You Can Now Buy This Low-Calorie IPA in Pennsylvania

Dogfish Head’s Slightly Mighty boasts less than 100 calories.

mind broad street run
Be Well Philly

How to Train Your Mind for the Broad Street Run

Running coach Cory Smith gives us two techniques.

the positivity charge
Be Well Philly

How Two Philly Health Experts Are Trying to Give You a More Positive Mindset

Rubina Tahir and Parisha Smith are sharing tools to help change your attitude.

sports massage
Be Well Philly

This Sports Massage Therapist Uses a Gadget to Help Your Body Heal

Paul Helms turns to the Hypervolt, a "jackhammer for your muscles."