Mary Clare Fischer

Health & Wellness Editor

mountain biking
Be Well Philly

This Philly Woman Helps Girls Gain Confidence Through Mountain Biking

Meet Caitlin Thompson, the founder of the local chapter of Little Bellas.

addiction recovery
Be Well Philly

This Addiction Recovery Advocate Believes Everyone Deserves Support

Evan Figueroa-Vargas now sits on the board of a nonprofit that provides housing, no matter the circumstances.

mindful practices book
Be Well Philly

This Main Line Psychologist’s New Book is the Daily Boost You Need

A Mindful Year is a lovely add to your wellness toolbox.

taylor swift soulcycle
Be Well Philly

For One Week, There Was a Taylor Swift Takeover of the Local SoulCycle Studios

We chatted with senior instructor Ryan Lewis to see what went into the Philly-area  locations’ transformation.

disabled endurance races
Be Well Philly

This Former Collegiate Athlete Now Helps Disabled Folks Compete in Endurance Races

Meet Amanda Piccirilli-Hall, the southeast Pennsylvania ambassador for Ainsley’s Angels of America.

vegan philly
Be Well Philly

We Went on a Vegan Eating Spree in Philly

These were our favorite dishes.

horses mental health
Be Well Philly

This Equine Specialist Uses Horses to Heal Folks From Trauma and Mental Health Issues

Meet Kristen de Marco, the executive director of Gateway HorseWorks.

Be Well Philly

I Walked Across Philadelphia With a Record-Breaking Endurance Swimmer and About 50 of Her Friends

With the EverWalk initiative, Diana Nyad is trying to get more people to walk and talk.

trauma-informed yoga
Be Well Philly

Trauma-Informed Yoga Kept This Pennsylvania Man Sane in Prison

Thanks to the Transformation Yoga Project, Michael Huggins is now bringing the practice to others.

cancer art
Be Well Philly

This Cancer Survivor Turned to Art for Solace During Treatment

Now Jenna Benn Shersher runs Twist Out Cancer, a program that offers creative outlets for those affected by cancer.

use less plastic
Be Well Philly

These Philly-Area Companies Are Trying to Help You Use Less Plastic

How to live more sustainably.

summer camp brain injuries
Be Well Philly

This Pediatric Nurse Founded a Summer Camp for Kids With Brain Injuries

Meet 2019 Health Hero Challenge semifinalist Alexis Campbell.

health hero challenge semifinalists
Be Well Philly

We’ve Chosen This Year’s Health Hero Challenge Semifinalists

Vote today, and help us choose our three finalists.

lifestyle blogger
Be Well Philly

How a Philly Lifestyle Blogger Stopped Apologizing for Her Body

Once Emily Tharp saw more images of people who looked like her, she became far more comfortable in her own skin.

gritty 5K
Be Well Philly

The Gritty 5K Is Coming

You can run a 5K with Philadelphia’s favorite mascot this fall.