Philly’s Upcoming “Social Impact Fitness Studio” Has Found a Space

Plus: A pop-up workout gets more professional with its own website, and a boutique boxing gym drops its drop-in prices — all in our new News You Can Use series.

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Nicole Koedyker, who’s looking to open a “social impact fitness studio” in West Philly next year has found a location for her pop-up workout series. Read on for other news tidbits from the local fitness and wellness space.

Note: This story has been updated to include the specific workouts that will be featured in Set Fitness’ fall pop-up series.

Set Fitness Has Found a Space

The “social impact fitness studio” that’s in the works for 2020 isn’t open quite yet, but founder Nicole Koedyker (also an organizer of the mega-successful Philly Vegan Restaurant Week) has found a space in West Philly for Set Fitness’ fall pop-up workout series, which will include yoga, HIIT, and a Les Mills Bodycombat workout on October 20th, November 9th, and November 17th, respectively. Koedyker hasn’t released the exact address yet, but you can sign up for the gym’s newsletter here to get the details as soon as they’re, uh, set. :)

Rhythmlab Has a Website

Another local pop-up series, Jackie Dragone’s Rhythmlab has operated fairly casually — announcing classes via Instagram, bouncing between locations, accepting payments through Venmo — until now. This past week, Dragone launched a website,, for her full-body, resistance-band-based method, so you can learn about her background (a former dancer, she also teaches at Flywheel Sports) and book and pay for classes. Now taking place in the rear studio at 1170 S. Broad Street, the biweekly workouts — held Sundays at 9 a.m. and Tuesdays at 5:30 p.m. — will continue to kick your sore behind.

Rumble Boxing Reduced its Prices

rumble boxing review

Photograph by Caroline Cunningham

We’re mostly fans of this glitzy new boxing gym (we gave it a Best of Philly nod for best stress relief, after all), but paying $34 for a drop-in there makes our wallets sag with sadness. Recently, though, Rumble Boxing has reduced its prices slightly; classes are now down to $30 a pop. One of Rumble’s PR reps told us they couldn’t comment on the drop. Another quickly followed up to clarify that the gym always lowers its prices seasonally when college students come back for the school year. But given that few students are going to pay $30 a class when they could go to an on-campus gym for free, we’re a bit suspicious. Regardless, you can still enjoy that $4 extra. Buy yourself a latte or something.

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