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ardmore endeavor athletic
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This Philadelphia-Based Activewear Brand Just Opened a Gorgeous New Boutique

Since Endeavor Athletic opened their first brick-and-mortar store in Rittenhouse, it’s been a pretty active hub for fitness lovers. Not only does the Philadelphia-based activewear […]

ktl kettlebell gym
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A Boutique Kettlebell Gym Is Coming to Spring Garden

At this point, boutique fitness isn’t so much a trend as it’s just what gyms look like in 2018. But while we’ve got studios devoted solely […]

boathouse sports sale
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This Huge Boathouse Sports Factory Sale Will Have Super-Cheap Leggings, Tanks, and More

It’s kind of stupid how often I do laundry just because I’m all out of clean leggings (and, um, you’re welcome that I like you too much […]

spectator sports
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Someone Finally Made Swag for the Real Race-Day Heroes: The Spectators

You know what is a totally under-appreciated sport? I’m not talking about badminton (though, agree). Nope, the real under-appreciated sport is race spectating. It’s exhausting, it takes […]

endeavor athletic glen mills
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Philly-Based Activewear Brand Endeavor Athletic Has a New Store in Glen Mills

Though Philly-based activewear brand Endeavor Athletic has been on the scene since 2015 and you can find their gear in high-end boutique fitness studios around the […]

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This Philly-Based Online Store Will Help You Find Your New Favorite Leggings

The world of athleisure is booming. Even though most of us may buy our workout gear at Lululemon, Athleta, Asos, or Old Navy, there are a […]

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The Best At-Home Recovery Tools for Sore Muscles

Who here has been so sore that sneezing hurts? Given that a lot of Philly’s trendiest workouts — like Solidcore, X-Force and spin and TRX fusion […]

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These Lululemon Leggings Are the Best Pants for Doing Absolutely Nothing

Leave it to Saturday Night Live to say what we’re all really thinking. This week, their episode included a Nike-inspired commercial for “the new Nike Pro-Chiller […]

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Look Inside Philly’s New Pop-Up Athletic Wear Boutique Before It’s All Over Your Instagram Feed

“This is cool,” were some of the first words I uttered upon entering Endeavor Athletic’s new pop-up boutique in Rittenhouse. Normally, I try to avoid blurting […]

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10 Sassy Shirts That Say What You’re Really Thinking While Working Out

As much as we love exercising, we all have those moments where we also can’t believe we willingly signed up to put our bodies through 45 minutes of low-key […]

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The 9 Best Stores for Workout Clothes and Gear in the Philadelphia Area

If you work out more than twice a week, chances are you have a sizeable closet or drawer of workout clothes. It’s kind of totally […]

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Make Your Yoga Class Less Gross with These Germ-Repelling Mat Bags

Though we try not to think about it, the fact is that our workout gear is probably pretty, well, gross. I mean, my gym bag has […]

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Where Philly Instagrammers Shop for All Their Cute Workout Gear (Besides Lululemon)

We’ve all done it: One minute you’re scrolling through Instagram, the next you’re lost in a deep, dark hole searching the depths of the Internet […]

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A Millennial Pink Kettlebell and Stylish Sweatpants: What a Philly Fitness Trainer Can’t Live Without

Katie Gould, owner and founder of KG Strong, is an all-around all-star trainer, combining strength training, yoga, and kettlebells as her menu of expertise. Needless […]

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This Philly Fitness Brand Designed Biodegradable Leggings

While the concept of “biodegradable” and “leggings” may sound like a strange mix, the fact is that a lot of the clothes we wear will […]