10 Sassy Shirts That Say What You’re Really Thinking While Working Out

Graphic tees, for the complainer in us all.

Background via iStock/SINPAKDEE

As much as we love exercising, we all have those moments where we also can’t believe we willingly signed up to put our bodies through 45 minutes of low-key torture. For those who like to wear their heart — or their sarcasm — on their sleeve, we’ve got you covered with some sassy shirts that say what we’re all really thinking (even if we won’t admit it).

Because the best fitness trainers are the ones you kinda sorta hate.

“I Hate You I Hate This Place…” Racerback Tank, $24 at Activate Apparel.

Because our self-control has its limits.

“Abs Are Great…” shirt, $15 at ResilienceStreewear (Etsy)

Because we’re on time to workouts, late to everything else.

LA Imprints “Running Late is My Cardio” tank, $15 on Amazon.

Because #balance.

“I’d Give Up Beer But I’m No Quitter” tank, $24 at Chummy Tees.

Because Our Lives Revolve Around the Gym…and Netflix.

Sub Urban Root “Ath-Lazy” shirt, $44 at Sole Active.

Because there’s always that trainer who says “just one more burpee.”

“How About No” tank, $15 at SIYTSHIRT (Etsy)

Because working out will always be our excuse…for everything.

“Exercise Gives You Endorphins” tank, $24 at Look Human.

Because being sweaty isn’t gross; it’s a lifestyle.

“Sweaxy” muscle tee, $36 at Sub_Urban Riot.

Because you’re tougher than you look.

“I Won’t Quit But I’ll Complain the Entire Time” tee, $24 at Activate Apparel.

Because we’re serious about our, ahem, fitness goals.

“Funny Taco” shirt, $15 on Amazon.

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