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Thousands Expected to “March for Science” on Saturday

Between 5,000 and 15,000 people are expected to “March for Science” in Philadelphia on Saturday. The Earth Day march – which is connected to a […]

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Drone Photos Show “Trump 2020” on Top of New Comcast Tower

Although President Donald Trump‘s approval rating is hovering around just 48 percent, someone in Philly sure does like him.

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What’s Behind the DOJ’s Abdication on Checking Police Abuse

On Wednesday, a judge in Baltimore denied a Department of Justice request to delay a public hearing designed to let city residents share their views […]

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Why Trump’s Attack on Sanctuary Cities Is a Good Thing

Mrs. Hernandez: “I saw that man steal a loaf of bread from the store and run down the street, and I can identify him in […]

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Could Philly GOP Leader Joe DeFelice Resign for a Trump Administration Job?

Joe DeFelice, leader of Philadelphia’s Republican Party, has long been a staunch defender of President Donald Trump. He was never a Never Trumper. He’s gone to the […]

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Philly Accountant Claims Donald Trump Hat Got Him Kicked Out of a Bar

Back on January 28th, Philadelphia resident Gregory Piatek went to New York City to hang out with some friends and pay a visit to the […]

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Philly’s Largest Cinco de Mayo Festival Canceled Over Fear of ICE Raids

The organizers of the biggest Cinco de Mayo festival in Philadelphia have canceled the event this year, citing concerns stemming from immigration reform under President […]

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Nooooo: Trump’s Hiring Freeze Shut Down the Best Bathroom in the City for Runners

I’ve fallen off a bit recently, but I do like to run. And one of my favorite runs is the Ben Franklin Bridge. It’s challenging. […]

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Trump’s Hiring Freeze Closes Notable Historical Sites

President Donald Trump’s hiring freeze on most federal jobs has led to the closure of several notable historical sites in Philadelphia. 

Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey
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Sen. Casey’s Town Hall Drew More Than 700 People

It had been five years since U.S. Sen. Bob Casey held a town hall in the state – and apparently, people were waiting. 

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Off the Cuff: March 2017

While I never supported Donald Trump in the last election, I felt strongly that once he was in office, he should be given a chance. […]

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There’s a Pro-Trump Rally on Saturday in the Suburbs

Are you a fan of Donald Trump? On Saturday, you can go out and show it. A group called People4Trump is holding a rally at […]


Did Trump Imply Threats to Jewish Centers Were Fake?

In a confusing remark at a White House meeting on Tuesday with the attorneys general of several states — including new Pennsylvania AG Josh Shapiro […]

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How Trump’s Election May Have Changed the Future of Philly Politics

Something is happening in this city. For years, many Philadelphians took democracy for granted. A pathetic 27 percent of registered voters cast ballots in the […]

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Philly Schools’ Transgender Bathroom Rules “Will Not Change”

President Donald Trump has lifted a guidance issued by the Obama administration that mandated all state schools to allow transgender students to use the bathroom of their preferred […]