Claire Sasko

bill cosby, guilty

Bill Cosby Found Guilty of Sexual Assault

A Montco jury reached the verdict on Thursday afternoon.


Domb: Maybe It’s Time to Ban On-Street Parking in Center City

The move could free up traffic flow, he says.


Police Catch Another Coyote, This Time in South Philly

They corralled it on the 1600 block of Montrose Street on Thursday morning.


Report: Philly Drug Overdose Deaths Jumped to New Record in 2017

The Department of Public Health released sobering statistics on Tuesday.


Yes, Coyotes Do Roam Northeast Philly (and Police Caught One This Week)

They found it in Mayfair — not far from Pennypack Park.


Here’s Where Philly’s First Medical Marijuana Dispensary Will Open

Soon, medical marijuana patients won’t have to leave the city to get treatment.

cherry hill

Cherry Hill High Schools Now Have Armed Campus Officers

They’re part of enhanced security measures in the wake of the Parkland shooting.


Daryl Metcalfe Rants About “Liberal Loser” Democrats

In a Facebook tirade, he called state Rep. Brian Sims a “lying homosexual."

temple fraternity, sexual assault allegations

Temple Frat Suspended Over Sexual Assault Allegations

The frat, Alpha Epsilon Pi, said it was “appalled by these allegations.”


City Council Calls for Audit of Philly’s Skyrocketing Property Tax Assessments

Members say the city’s math might be flawed.

love park

Here’s When LOVE Park Will Officially Reopen

The park doesn’t look so great right now. But we’re willing to withhold judgment until its official debut.

sylvester stallone

Sylvester Stallone Visits the Linc, Holds Lombardi Trophy

“Yo, Philly! How ya doin’?”

sam katz

When the Sky Was the Limit: A Flashback to Philly’s First World’s Fair

The latest episode of “Philadelphia: The Great Experiment” airs on Thursday night.

beard, facial hair

Philly Is Apparently the Most “Facial-Hair Friendly” City in the U.S.

That, of course, comes as no surprise to our bearded denizens — especially ahead of the Philadelphia Beard Festival later this month.

jimmy fallon

Jimmy Fallon Visits Philly Family for Surprise Dinner Party

They ate salmon cheesesteaks. That’s right, salmon cheesesteaks.