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The 7 Most Ridiculous Parts of the Pro-Columbus Day Lawsuit Against the City

City Councilmember Mark Squilla is among the plaintiffs suing Mayor Jim Kenney for changing Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

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An Architecture Critic Ranks the Five Most Interesting Buildings in Philadelphia

No, City Hall and Independence Hall aren’t on the list.

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Vaccinations Are Increasing, But Philly’s COVID-19 Cases Have Stopped Declining. What Gives?

We check in with the pandemic modelers at the CHOP Policy Lab as the coronavirus pandemic enters what is hopefully its final phase.

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Inspector General: City Failed to Properly Vet Philly Fighting COVID

“Simply put, there is no question that the City of Philadelphia should never have been so closely aligned with PFC,” the city inspector general concludes, though he stops short of recommending any disciplinary action. 

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Didn’t Get an Email After Submitting a Vaccine Interest Form? The City Promises You’re on the List

And if there’s any doubt, the health department says it will soon be sending check-in emails to everyone on the list. But if you’re really skeptical, you can always sign up again.

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From Double Masking to When to Toss Your Cloth Mask: All Your COVID Masking Questions, Answered

With a more contagious variant in the U.S. and updated CDC masking guidelines, we take stock of the available science with immunologist Andrea Love and public-health expert Jessica Steier, of the Unbiased Science podcast.

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The City Now Has a (Very Tentative) Timeline for When You’ll Be Vaccinated

Health commissioner Tom Farley says he expects Phase 1B vaccinations to conclude in April, Phase 1C to end in May, and for everyone else to be vaccinated by the end of July.

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Some Good COVID News for a Change

The various developments concerning vaccines threaten to overshadow the most immediate piece of good pandemic news: Case counts in the Philly region continue to drop.

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Who, Exactly, Is Philly Fighting COVID?

How a 22-year-old CEO with virtually no health-care experience got picked to run the first mass vaccination clinic in Philadelphia.

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Philadelphia Health Department Severs Relationship with Philly Fighting COVID

The startup organization, founded by a 22-year-old Drexel student, had been running the city’s first COVID-19 mass vaccination clinic. But after the organization changed its data privacy practices, the city has cut ties.

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Has Philly Turned a COVID Corner? This Pandemic Modeling Expert Is Optimistic

David Rubin, who’s been modeling the pandemic for months at CHOP, shares three reasons for optimism and two causes for concern (because it can’t be all good news, right?).

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4 Ways the City Could Make the Winter of COVID More Liveable

From making the most of parks to re-routing SEPTA, how Philly could and should adapt to the season.

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Things to Do

We’ve Been Dreading Winter All Pandemic Long. Now That It’s Here, Let’s Make the Most of It

It’s time to lean into the cold. Here’s how.

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Here’s Who’s Next in Line to Get the COVID Vaccine

Three key takeaways from Philadelphia’s weekly briefing, including the return of indoor dining.

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The Big List of Philly Pols Demanding Resignations and Prosecutions After Capitol Siege

From Congresspeople with actual impeachment votes to city and state legislators, the calls for removal, impeachment, and criminal prosecution are coming fast and furious.