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City Devastated by Deadly Residential Fire That Killed 12

Here’s what we know and what you can do.

City Life

Philly Fighting COVID CEO Andrei Doroshin Is Back in the Vaccine Game

A whistleblower alleges that Vax21, a company founded by Andrei Doroshin’s father that operates clinics in multiple states, features problems strikingly similar to those that plagued PFC — including the involvement of Andrei himself. After inquiries from Philly Mag, the Georgia health department has “terminated” Vax21 from its vaccine program.

bucks county
City Life

Inside the Ridiculously Vicious and Increasingly Nasty Local Elections in Bucks County

From satanic rituals to mudslinging school-board campaigns to an anonymous gossip column straight out of Bridgerton, what the heated politics in Philly’s most purple collar county say about the state of, well, everything.

City Life

ThinkFest 2021: Screenwriter Brad Ingelsby Talks Philadelphia on Film

Tune into ThinkFest on Tuesday, November 9th at 4 p.m. for our discussion with Brad Ingelsby.

Things to Do

The Ultimate Guide to Pennsylvania’s Best Fall Foliage Destinations

Whether you want to stay within city limits or journey five hours to a 600-foot-tall suspended walkway for panoramic views, we’ve got you covered with the best places to find fall foliage in Pennsylvania.

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This Map Will Show You When and Where to See Peak Fall Foliage in Pennsylvania

The state Bureau of Forestry’s fall foliage map, which tracks and projects the changing of the leaves all across Pennsylvania, will help you take the most delightful of autumnal photos this season.

harry styles wawa
City Life

Harry Styles Declared His Love for Wawa at His Philly Concert

But was his declaration genuine? An investigation.

labor shortage
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From Hospitals to Restaurants, Philly Employers Can’t Find Enough Workers

The so-called “labor shortage,” which has employers offering signing bonuses and $15-an-hour wages for the first time ever, may actually be what the city needs to build a healthier economy.

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It Just Got Even Easier to Get Backup Proof of Vaccination in Philly

Lost your vaccine card? Not to worry. If you got vaccinated in Philly, a replacement document is now just one click away.

City Life

Fully Vaxxed and Worried About Delta? Here’s What You Need to Know Now

We took a look at the latest science and spoke to epidemiologists about breakthrough infections and how to weigh the risks of those vaxxed-only, mask-off environments.

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Expect a Rise in COVID Cases for the Next Month, CHOP Says

Just in time for the start of school, CHOP’s pandemic projection lab says we’re due for a rise in cases. But hospitalizations are the true metric to watch — and it’s still not too late to prepare.

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Everything You Need to Know About Philly’s Plastic Bag Ban

Get ready for your soon-to-be-plastic-bagless future.

fitler club jeff david
City Life

Jeff David Thinks the Fitler Club Is Key to Philadelphia’s Post-Pandemic Rebirth

Hotelier Jeff David has spent his career opening über-luxurious properties and rubbing shoulders with the likes of Barack Obama and Michael Jordan. Now at the helm of Fitler Club, he thinks his private club can turn Philly from a lagger (his word!) into a leader.

adult summer camp river mountain
Things to Do

This Woodsy Cabin Retreat Feels Like a Summer Camp for Adults

River Mountain is part back-to-nature solitude, part by-the-bonfire communal fun.

City Life

Philly Is Reopening. What’s Taking SEPTA So Long?

The transit agency says it’s 90 percent of the way back to its pre-pandemic service on buses, trains and trolleys. But with late-night subway and trolley-tunnel service nixed, plenty of gaps remain.