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fitler club jeff david
City Life

Jeff David Thinks the Fitler Club Is Key to Philadelphia’s Post-Pandemic Rebirth

Hotelier Jeff David has spent his career opening über-luxurious properties and rubbing shoulders with the likes of Barack Obama and Michael Jordan. Now at the helm of Fitler Club, he thinks his private club can turn Philly from a lagger (his word!) into a leader.

adult summer camp river mountain
Things to Do

This Woodsy Cabin Retreat Feels Like a Summer Camp for Adults

River Mountain is part back-to-nature solitude, part by-the-bonfire communal fun.

City Life

Philly Is Reopening. What’s Taking SEPTA So Long?

The transit agency says it’s 90 percent of the way back to its pre-pandemic service on buses, trains and trolleys. But with late-night subway and trolley-tunnel service nixed, plenty of gaps remain.

City Life

WHYY Union Takes Aim at CEO Bill Marrazzo’s $740K Salary in Latest Escalation

It’s just one issue the union is raising as it seeks to win higher wages and paid parental leave as part of its first contract with the station.

City Life

Philly’s Ex-Litter Czar on Why the Hell the City Can’t Pick Up Trash on Time

Nic Esposito spent years in city government trying to reduce trash. Now on the outside, he tells us why the Streets Department can’t seem to take care of its most basic responsibilities.

isaac scott photo
City Life

A Temple Student Photographed Philly’s Summer of Protest. Now He’s Won a National Magazine Award

Isaac Scott, a 30-year-old master’s student at Tyler School of Art, won the award for his images, published in the New Yorker, of the George Floyd protests in Philadelphia.

philadelphia vaccine lottery
City Life

Want a Shot at $50,000? All You Have to Do Is Get Vaccinated

Anyone who’s been vaccinated so far is eligible to win the grand prize in Philadelphia’s new vaccine lottery — and those from zip codes with the lowest vaccination rates have even better odds.

City Life

Permits, Parking and Kiddie Pools: How to Throw a Raging Philly Block Party This Year

As post-pandemic revelry approaches, what better way to celebrate than with the age-old Philly tradition of the block party?

City Life

Poor Philadelphia Neighborhoods Have Worse Access to Public Parks

A report from the Trust for Public Land finds that while 95 percent of Philadelphians live within a 10-minute walk of a park, access to green space in the city is far from equal along racial and economic lines.

City Life

3 Health-Care Experts With Unvaccinated Kids Explain the COVID Precautions They’re Still Taking

The summer is coming and for an increasingly large share of the population, normalcy beckons. Not so much for those with kids under 12, who still aren’t eligible to be vaccinated.

City Life

Philly Announces COVID Restrictions to End on June 11th

All capacity restrictions for businesses and private gatherings will be lifted, though you’ll still need to wear a mask in public.

covid sniffing dogs
City Life

Penn Researchers Need Your Sweaty T-Shirts to Train Their COVID-Sniffing Dogs

The virus-detecting dogs-in-training are learning how to sniff out the coronavirus, but they need your help.

Philly fighting covid andrei doroshin
City Life

The Bizarre, Infuriating Story of Philly Fighting COVID’s Meteoric Rise and Swift Fall

A 20-something student with big ambitions and no medical experience thought he was the best person to lead Philly’s COVID vaccination efforts. The city agreed. What could possibly go wrong?

City Life

Where Are Philadelphians Flying to Now? Florida, Florida and … Florida

Among booked and searched travel, Florida reigns supreme as a preferred destination. Meanwhile, European hot spots like London and Paris are lagging far behind (for now).

City Life

How Will We Know When the Pandemic Is “Over”?

Herd immunity? Lower case counts? Something else? Public health experts say it’s not that simple.