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City Life

Penn Professor: American Idol Would Be a Better Way to Elect a President

After the debacle of Iowa, one political scientist explains why a reality TV show, starring the presidential candidates, would be the best way to whittle down the field.

malcolm harris
City Life

Malcolm Harris on Abatements, Developer Extortion, and Philadelphia’s Role in the Revolution

The outspoken Marxist and author of new book Shit Is Fucked Up and Bullshit explains why he remains an optimist in spite of it all.

City Life

Can Mike Nutter Help Mike Bloomberg Get Elected President?

Tagging along as Mixmaster Mike stumps for a billionaire technocrat.

gopuff softbank

SoftBank Quietly Invested $750 Million in Delivery Startup GoPuff Last Summer

On the plus side: It’s a huge vote of confidence in a Philly startup. On the worrisome side: It’s the same VC that lost billions on WeWork.

City Life

Face Recognition Promises to Speed You Through PHL’s Gates. But Should You Use It?

Critics say there are a number of security and privacy questions surrounding the technology. Here’s what you need to know.

temple online mba
City Life

Temple’s Online MBA Makes a Less Than Triumphant Return to U.S. News Rankings

What’s the difference between 1st place in 2018 and 88th place in 2020? We dug up the numbers.

City Life

Citywide Survey Says We Love the Fire Department, Agree to Disagree on the Water

But, boy, do we hate the streets.

City Life

Jim Kenney Reads Mean Tweets: The Last-Term Edition

The mayor knows he doesn’t have to run again — and his insult arsenal is all the better for it.

septa airport regional rail construction
City Life

Don’t Panic, Regional Rail Riders: The Next SEPTA Key Rollout Step Is Only a Drill

SEPTA is giving you a full three months to master two simple steps: tapping in your Key card before boarding and tapping out at your destination.

jim kenney
City Life

Jim Kenney Outlines His Top Second-Term Priorities

Topping the list of goals for the next four years: reducing gun violence. And Kenney says he’s bringing back street sweeping — for real this time.

sheer mag tina halladay
City Life

Sheer Mag Singer Tina Halladay on Owning Your Masters and Getting Stiffed by Spotify

The indie band’s activist bent is getting them noticed on the national stage.

christmas tree
City Life

Here’s How to Recycle Your Christmas Tree in Philly

Remember when you said you’d go green in the new year?

philadelphia skyline
City Life

These 5 Stats Tell the Story of Philadelphia Over the Past Decade

And also provide a map for where the city still needs to go.

voting machines
City Life

These Two Lawsuits Could Force Philly to Purchase New Voting Machines

Election security experts also say there’s plenty of reason to scrutinize the new ExpressVote XL Machines.

wawa beer
City Life

The Wawa Credit Card Breach: What You Need to Know

If you shopped at Wawa in 2019 — so, basically, if you’re a Philadelphian — hackers may have your info.