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David Murrell

Contributing Writer

City Life

We Sat Through (Most of) the Art Commission’s Five-Hour Columbus Statue Zoom Call

Competing sets of facts, allegations of survey fraud, and testimony from no fewer than two disgraced Philly politicians.

City Life

City Council Eyes a New Homelessness Solution: Tiny Homes

Plus: The cops fired for racist Facebook posts can’t even file a lawsuit protesting their termination without being racist.

City Life

Driving on the Turnpike Is Going to Get Much More Expensive (For Some)

Plus: Attorney General Josh Shapiro has threats of his own for the federal government, and Citizens Bank Park is opening back up to the public … for concerts.

City Life

Trump Threatens to Send Federal Agents to Philly, Krasner Threatens to Charge Them

The not-so-slow lurch of authoritarianism gets one step closer to Philly. Plus: Fauci’s coronavirus pessimism and signs that another Hollywood A-list movie is on its way to shoot in Philly.

City Life

Congrats: Philadelphians Are Among America’s Top Mask-Wearers, Per Study

Not that the caliber of competition is very high. Plus: how to cool down during the first high heat emergency of the summer, and a behind-the-scenes peek into Sixers forward Matisse Thybulle’s life in the NBA bubble.

City Life

In Praise of the City Government About-Face

Protesters have forced Mayor Jim Kenney to change his mind and behavior on a number of different subjects. That’s a good thing.

City Life

Philly Colleges Plan to Return In-Person. Some Professors Aren’t So Sure.

Do professors feel comfortable returning to teach on campus this fall? That depends on whom you ask — the administration or the faculty.

City Life

Political Scientist Daniel Q. Gillion on What Makes Protest Movements Effective

Philly has had large and contentious protests, yet the Mayor’s proposed reforms are less radical than those considered in other cities. Penn professor Daniel Gillion explains why that’s not necessarily the end of the story.

City Life

80 Notable Philly Institutions and Businesses That Received PPP Loans

Starr Restaurants, the Barnes Foundation, Pat’s Steaks, Friends’ Central, Boyds, the Kline & Specter personal injury law firm, and the Archdiocese of Philadelphia all received at least $150,000 (and sometimes a good bit more).

City Life

Wendell Potter on Why America’s Healthcare System Is to Blame for Our Poor Coronavirus Response

The former Cigna insurance executive has been firing off righteous screeds against his old industry on Twitter, outlining just how broken the system is amid the pandemic.

City Life

What Do Mayor Kenney’s Past Supporters Think of Him Now?

In the wake of the Mayor’s violent response to the George Floyd protests and his recent budget proposal, we checked in with his former endorsers, and other progressive groups, to find out what they’re thinking today.

City Life

Yesterday’s Police Press Conference Wasn’t Accountability. It Was Crisis P.R.

There was already ample video evidence that proved the police narrative about what happened during the I-676 tear-gassing was untrue. It took a report from the New York Times for city officials to admit it.

City Life

As Philly Coronavirus Cases Decrease, a Related Danger Emerges: Heat Exposure

Thousands of Philadelphians have already lost their jobs due to the virus. Now, in what forecasters say will be an extremely hot summer, many are at risk of having their electricity shut off.

david magerman
City Life

David Magerman’s Big Plan to Burn Down the Internet

Like a lot of people, Main Line multimillionaire David Magerman believes Google, Facebook and other tech giants are using our private data to manipulate the world. Unlike a lot of people, he’s come up with a radical plan to fight back.

police reform
City Life

Here’s What’s in Mayor Kenney’s Police Reform Proposal — and What Local Activists Think About It

Following more than a week of intense national demonstrations, the Mayor has unveiled a list of reform proposals. Local activists protesting police brutality don’t think he goes nearly far enough.