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David Murrell

Staff Writer

City Life

Coronavirus Could Put a $650 Million Hole in Philly’s Budget. Here Are Four Takeaways

A new report from City Controller Rebecca Rhynhart makes one thing clear: Philly is about to have much less money than it expected. What it means for restaurants, retail, tax reform, and the already-contentious relationship between the controller and the Mayor.

einstein medical center
City Life

One Month Inside a Philly Hospital on the Front Lines of the COVID-19 Pandemic

An unfiltered look inside the Einstein hospital system as the novel coronavirus swept through the city.

City Life

These Philly Sports Stars Are Crushing It On TikTok

But where are you, Joel Embiid?

City Life

Meet Danny DeVito, the Guy Challenging Tom Wolf’s Shutdown Order Before the State Supreme Court

The state rep candidate claims in court that Wolf’s actions to prevent the spread of coronavirus are unconstitutional.

NextHealth PHL

The Coronavirus Outbreak Is Far From Over. But Here’s How It Might End.

Two doctors explain the future course the virus could take — depending on how society responds.

coronavirus anxiety
Be Well Philly

How to Feel Less Alone and Anxious While You’re Stuck in Your House

Three mental health professionals share tips on how to quarantine those feelings of stress and anxiety.

citizen app
City Life

If You’re a Good Citizen, Delete the Citizen Policing App

Crowdsourcing live footage of crime scenes doesn’t make you a superhero. It makes you a voyeur.

finance internships
City Life

Desperate for High-Paying Wall Street Jobs, Penn Students Try Buying Their Way Into the Right Classes

Out-of-control corporate recruiting — and a new black market — transforms our favorite Ivy League university.

City Life

Penn Professor: American Idol Would Be a Better Way to Elect a President

After the debacle of Iowa, one political scientist explains why a reality TV show, starring the presidential candidates, would be the best way to whittle down the field.

malcolm harris
City Life

Malcolm Harris on Abatements, Developer Extortion, and Philadelphia’s Role in the Revolution

The outspoken Marxist and author of new book Shit Is Fucked Up and Bullshit explains why he remains an optimist in spite of it all.

City Life

Can Mike Nutter Help Mike Bloomberg Get Elected President?

Tagging along as Mixmaster Mike stumps for a billionaire technocrat.

gopuff softbank

SoftBank Quietly Invested $750 Million in Delivery Startup GoPuff Last Summer

On the plus side: It’s a huge vote of confidence in a Philly startup. On the worrisome side: It’s the same VC that lost billions on WeWork.

City Life

Face Recognition Promises to Speed You Through PHL’s Gates. But Should You Use It?

Critics say there are a number of security and privacy questions surrounding the technology. Here’s what you need to know.

temple online mba
City Life

Temple’s Online MBA Makes a Less Than Triumphant Return to U.S. News Rankings

What’s the difference between 1st place in 2018 and 88th place in 2020? We dug up the numbers.

City Life

Citywide Survey Says We Love the Fire Department, Agree to Disagree on the Water

But, boy, do we hate the streets.