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How SEPTA’s Transfer Policy Makes Poorest Riders Pay Most Expensive Fares

Philadelphians spend a larger proportion of their income on transit than people in New York, D.C., and Chicago.

jersey shore seagulls
City Life

Ocean City Mayor: Stop Waving Your Damn Pizza at Seagulls

After an uptick in direct attacks on people holding food this year, the Shore town wants vendors to consider closed takeout containers and other deterrents.

jason segel
City Life

We’re Officially Declaring This the Summer of Jason Segel in Philly

You haven’t truly experienced Summer 2019 in Philly until you’ve spotted Jason Segel around town.

the oval 2019
City Life

The Oval Is Officially Open

Here’s everything worth checking out along the Parkway through August 18th.

City Life

Outdoor Smoking Bans Are Spreading — and Useless

Total bans on lighting up alfresco are popping up everywhere from the Jersey Shore to Temple University — but what’s the point if they’re never enforced?

heat wave
City Life

Philadelphia Declares 2019’s First Heat Emergency

The National Weather Service has also issued an “excessive heat warning” through the weekend, when temperatures could feel as high as 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

philadelphia flood
City Life

It Seems NOAA Wasn’t Kidding About Those Philly Flood Predictions

The government weather-watcher has warned of frequent flooding in Philly by 2050. Thursday’s storm gave us a taste of what’s to come.

atlantic city flooding
City Life

Atlantic City, Cape May Could Flood More Than 100 Days a Year by 2050, Says NOAA

Even Philly is looking at a minimum of 30 days a year of “high-tide flooding,” the government’s weather experts predict.

joe biden penn
City Life

Penn Paid Joe Biden $775,000 to Expand Its “Global Outreach” … and Give Some Speeches

The former VP’s financial disclosures reveal that his annual salary was nearly double that of the average Penn prof — and he didn’t even have to teach.

philadelphia foundation
City Life

You Can Help Give Away $1 Million of the Philadelphia Foundation’s Money

It’s philanthropy with a twist: The organization has selected 15 grant finalists, but you get to choose the winners.

Tiona Nekkia McClodden
City Life

Experimental Filmmaker Tiona Nekkia McClodden Doesn’t Care If You Miss the Point

The 38-year-old Philadelphian is part of the Whitney Biennial Exhibition in New York City.

visit philly
City Life

Puzzled by That Ad Comparing Philly to Barcelona? It’s Not Such a Stretch, Says Tourism Head

Even if you don’t buy Visit Philly CEO Jeff Guaracino’s rationale, he really just wants to get people talking about his ad. And it’s working.

American flag
City Life

American Flags Were Works of Art — Until Government Got Involved

Collector Jeff Bridgman — whose 13-star American flags are on exhibit through July 21 — on why pre-20th-century Stars and Stripes are the real pinnacle of U.S. vexillography.

Independence Hall
City Life

Independence National Park Is an Embarrassing Mess. Why Doesn’t Anyone Care?

The birthplace of the United States is turning into a shambles, and no one — the feds, the city, Philadelphians themselves — seems inclined to do anything about it.

cashless store ban
City Life

Philly Says It Needs More Time to Ban Cashless Stores

Because apparently it’s too hard to just tell businesses “You have to accept cash now.”