Chatting Men’s Haircuts With Celeb Barber Faheem Alexander

Get to know the South Philly barber who makes regular trips to NYC to keep the Roots looking fresh.

faheem alexander

South Philly’s celeb barber Faheem Alexander (@fahdabarber1). Illustration by James Boyle

In Philly’s past … men’s skin care wasn’t hot. Now, there’s a spike because of social media. Men are happy taking pictures. It’s a good thing. It puts them in a good mental state.

The most popular haircut lately is … a two-inch with grain, so you can add deep waves, for black men. Fair-skinned males like a mid-fade with a few inches on top.

The hottest new men’s services are … facials and manicures. In 2017, I started offering a facial scrub at the shop, and I get manicures and pedicures regularly.

The Philebrities with the best hair are … Meek and Bryce Harper. Meek Mill wears about two inches on top with a wave. Bryce Harper wears a mid-fade with a few inches on top.

The Roots member with the best hair is … Questlove. It’s a nice long canvas to create on.

The MVP of my haircutting tool kit is … my Feather DX razor ($275). Its blades are a nice thin Japanese metal.

Philly’s scene is changing because … This is our version 4.0. The male mind-set is different now. We notice who’s groomed well.

Published as “A Word With … Faheem Alexander” in the December 2019 issue of Philadelphia magazine.