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candytopia philadelphia
City Life

Jump Into a Giant Marshmallow Pit at This Candy Pop-Up Exhibit

The exhibit of candy art — which runs from September 20th through January 5th — includes fake Warhols, ample candy samples, and a ball pit made of (foam) marshmallows.

penn book center
City Life

Penn Book Center’s New Owners on Kindles, Coffee, and Why They’re Still Not Sure About the Name

Matt Duques and Diana Bellonby on the capricious book industry, their vision for the new Penn Book Center, and the thorny issue of whether to rename it.

safe injection sites
City Life

Sanders and Warren Support Safe Injection Sites. Here’s What That Could Mean for Philly

There’s a not-so-far-fetched scenario out there in which a Warren or Sanders administration gives the green light to Safehouse.

renting clothes
Life & Style

Renting Your Wardrobe Is a Terrible Idea

You don’t just lose money; you lose your identity.

led streetlights
City Life

Let There Be Light (Emitting Diodes): Philly to Retrofit All 100,000 City Streetlights

The city promises energy savings, a reduction in carbon emissions, and also to not fry your eyeballs with its new LED lights.

City Life

The Philly Shops Where You Can Break In Your New (Digital) Apple Credit Card

Yes, we realize that for now this is just a list of places that already accept Apple Pay — but have you ever felt compelled to use Apple Pay before?

City Life

At Philly Court Hearing, a Wrenching Preview of Fight Over Safe Injection Sites

Safehouse made a moral argument that the opioid crisis compels a response. The federal government suggested morals don’t matter: The law is the law.

hidden lives illuminated
City Life

Eastern State Showcases Work of Incarcerated Filmmakers in “Hidden Lives Illuminated”

Through September 12th, the museum is projecting 20 animated short films about life in prison onto its walls.

septa trolley tunnel blitz
City Life

With Pa. Turnpike Lawsuit Dismissed, SEPTA Can Breathe a Big Sigh of Relief

A federal appeals judge ruled that the Turnpike’s $450 million annual payments to PennDOT (and SEPTA) are indeed constitutional.

City Life

Philly’s Local TV Broadcasts Were a Masterclass in How Not to Cover a Live Shooting

From helicopter video showing police deployment to misleading breaking-news updates, Wednesday’s local TV news coverage left plenty to be desired.

City Life

With 36 Hours of Woodstock, WXPN Leads an Aural Trip to the ’60s

In honor of the Woodstock 50th anniversary, WXPN will broadcast four days’ worth of audio from the festival, timed to line up with the set times of the original performers.

philly public pools
Be Well Philly

Philly Public Pools: The 2019 Closing Dates

You may be able to sneak in one last dip before Philly’s public pools close for the season.

joe biden philly
City Life

Philly Doesn’t Seem to Like Joe Biden as Much as He Likes Philly

Despite having his campaign headquarters here, the former VP has fewer campaign donors than Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Pete Buttigieg in many parts of the city.

City Life

Blunt Words: The Best Responses From the Lieutenant Governor’s Weed Survey

In honor of National CBD Day, which apparently is a real thing.

City Life

Why a Group of British Plaintiffs From a London Apartment Fire Are Suing in Philly Court

Two of the companies named in the product liability suit have alleged ties to Pennsylvania — but it doesn’t hurt that Philadelphia juries have a reputation for doling out huge damages.