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A New Report Shows Precisely How the PPP Program Failed Philly

As Congress and the President spar over a second round of economic stimulus, a look back on where the first round went wrong, courtesy of the City Controller’s office.

City Life

You Officially Have One More Week to Register to Vote

The voter registration deadline for the 2020 presidential election is October 19th. Here are the ways you can sign up and make sure you cast a vote.

City Life

Yannick Nézet-Séguin on the Return of the Philly Orchestra, Crowdless Concert Halls, and Good Silence

The Philly Orchestra Conductor is set to kick off the ensemble’s new season with a livestreamed performance at the Mann Center on Wednesday night.

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Here’s Where You Can Vote in Person Before Election Day

The City Commissioners have opened 17 “satellite election offices” where you can register to vote and cast a ballot — technically a mail-in ballot — before Election Day.

City Life

A Philly Teacher Opens Up About What Really Happens in the Online Classroom

Ninth-grade history teacher Emily Simpson on Zoom technical difficulties, online classes of 30-plus students, 12-hour work days, and the occasional feel-good moments amid all the chaos.

philly census
City Life

Philly Is Seriously Lagging in Its Census Response. That Could Be a Very Costly Problem.

For each Philly resident who fails to fill out the form, the city loses an estimated $20,000 of federal funding over the next decade. Fortunately, it’s not too late. Here’s what to do.

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Temple Shows Its True Colors in Bringing Students Back to Campus, Causing COVID Outbreak

It’s time to stop thinking of universities as altruistic civic institutions. They are businesses. Nothing more, nothing less.

da vinci art alliance
City Life

How True Is Philly’s History? A Bella Vista Art Exhibit Asks the Question

Former Temple architecture professor John James Pron, who has an exhibition at the Da Vinci Art Alliance on display through September 13th, discusses Philly’s (a)history, historical preservation and why he hates all public statues.

City Life

State Rep Chris Rabb Wants to Give $65,000 a Year to People Who Are Wrongfully Convicted

The Northwest Philly legislator is introducing a bill that would pay ex-prisoners an annual stipend for each year they wrongly served in prison. Currently they receive nothing.

power home remodeling
City Life

Power Home Remodeling CEO Asher Raphael on Why Perma-Work-From-Home Is a Big Mistake

Might want to read this before splurging on that ergonomic home-office chair you’ve been eyeing.

City Life

Democratic Control of Harrisburg Would Have Huge Implications for Philly. Can It Really Happen?

A national and state effort is putting new electoral pressure on Republicans in Harrisburg, who have controlled either the House or Senate every year since 1993.

City Life

Why the Return of Sports Feels So Uncomfortable

The return of sports also means the return of distraction. Is that really what we need right now?

uncle bobbie's
City Life

Uncle Bobbie’s Owner Marc Lamont Hill on Anti-Racist Reading Lists and Reopening for Business

The Germantown bookstore, a Best of Philly winner this year, reopened this week for the first time since March.

City Life

A Eulogy for the Broad and Walnut Street Wawa

The store represented Wawa’s grand return to Center City in 2015. Does its closing portend doom for our downtown?

City Life

Temple Faculty Union Demands Right to Teach Online This Fall

With 92 percent approval, the union issued a list of demands — chief among them the guaranteed right to opt out of in-person teaching this fall. The Temple admin says that’s not the majority staff opinion.