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Protesters Gather at ICE Headquarters After Philly Immigration Arrest

More than 60 activists gathered at Immigration and Customs Enforcement headquarters in Philadelphia yesterday to protest an immigration arrest. 


Chaput: Media “Hostile” to Everything Trump Does

Philadelphia Archbishop Charles J. Chaput criticized mainstream media outlets for their coverage of President Donald Trump during a radio show on Monday. 


Why Did Daylin Leach’s Trump Tweet Explode Like That?

Daylin Leach has been making jokes on the Internet about as long as I have. Okay, maybe he wasn’t posting image macros in AOL chatrooms […]


Toomey: Effort to Stop Trump’s Cabinet Nominees a “Disgrace”

Pennsylvania Sen. Pat Toomey called efforts to block President Donald Trump’s cabinet picks a “disgrace” during an interview on Talk Radio 1210, WPHT today. 


OPINION: The Unbearable Privilege of Trump Protesters

Picture this: You just received a Facebook event invite to an epic Donald Trump protest in Philly (Women’s March, “Queer Rager,” Muslim travel ban airport […]

Donald Trump pee pee party

Pennsylvanians Are Uniquely Interested in Trump’s Alleged Watersports Fetish

A lot of people have been on edge since Donald Trump was elected president in November. Those opposed to Trump seem to be interested in […]

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Report: Trump Protests Cost Philly Almost $3M

The city of Philadelphia has reportedly paid almost $3M in overtime costs resulting from protests held since the inauguration of President Donald Trump. 


Philly Cop Shooting on Trump’s List of “Under-Reported” Attacks

Following a meeting yesterday during which President Donald Trump accused media outlets of failing to properly publicize terrorist attacks, the White House listed 78 incidents that it claims were “under-reported” […]

Aerial view of Pier 35 1/2, looking towards Center City

Former Trump Site Becomes Turnkey Development Opportunity

Attention, developers! Shovel Ready Projects LLC has such a deal for you. It’s 2.13 acres of prime Delaware waterfront property just north of Delaware Avenue […]

Asali Family

WATCH: Syrian Family Deported From PHL Lands at JFK

The Syrian family who was deported from the Philadelphia International Airport on January 28th – one day after President Donald Trump passed his executive order on […]


Amy Gutmann Is Brilliant, Boring, Inclusive, Safe, Distant, Warm, and Able to Stand on Her Head.

One afternoon in early December, Amy Gutmann, dressed in a puffy blue coat, exits her office and traverses Locust Walk to her next appointment, a […]


Three Protests Scheduled for Center City This Afternoon

Three protests are scheduled for Friday afternoon in Center City. The first protest is scheduled to take place at 3 p.m. outside the main Wells […]


Comcast Employees: “Immigrants Are Welcome Here”

About 48 hours after plans of a protest began to spread over an internal Slack channel, more than 600 Comcast employees in Philadelphia took to […]


San Francisco Sues Trump Over Sanctuary City Funding Ban

In what could be the first of a wave of lawsuits over the issue, San Francisco has sued President Donald Trump over his plans to […]

Donald trump split photo with marijuana bud

Are People Smoking More Weed Under President Trump?

Is Donald Trump driving people to cannabis? That’s the conclusion of former Daily News gossip columnist Dan Gross’s Elevated Nation, which recently ran a story […]