Pa. Congressman: Puerto Rico Hurricane Victims Aren’t Actually Dying

U.S. Rep. Scott Perry's taking some flak for his heated debate with CNN host Chris Cuomo.

A Pennsylvania Congressman is taking some flak over his recent CNN appearance.

On Thursday, U.S. Rep Scott Perry, whose district includes York County, attempted to defend President Donald Trump’s reactions to the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. 

Many say the president has been insensitive in the wake of the hurricane, which has left 89 percent of Puerto Rican residents without access to electricity and more than a third of residents without water, according to officials.

During the CNN exchange, host Chris Cuomo criticized tweets the president posted this morning:

Cuomo then questioned Perry for calling relief efforts in Puerto Rico “a success story,” pointing out that less than half the country doesn’t have access to electricity, food and fresh water.

“Mr. Cuomo, you’re simply making this stuff up,” Perry replied. “If half the country didn’t have food or water, those people would be dying, and they’re not.”

For the record, Puerto Rico is an American territory, not its own country. And at least four of the 45 hurricane-related deaths on the island have been caused by drinking contaminated water in the wake of the Category 5 storm, according to authorities.

Some weren’t so happy with Perry’s interview on Thursday:

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