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boyz II men
City Life

Why, 30 Years Later, the World Still Loves Boyz II Men

In 1991, Cooleyhighharmony, the debut from four sweet-voiced Philly singers, took the pop world by storm. Here’s how the group became — and remained — cultural icons while many of their peers have faded.

phillies announcer
City Life

Phillies Announcer Scott Franzke on How to Call Your Family Wiffle Ball Game Like a Pro

Miss watching the Phils play? Add some drama to your next game with these tips.

groundhog day predictions
City Life

6 Very Philly Groundhog Day Predictions

Punxsutawney Phil isn’t the only prognosticating rodent ’round here.

City Life

Your Guide to the Only-in-Philly Sights at the Thanksgiving Day Parade

Once again Philadelphians will gather to smile and honk and curse and wonder what the hell is going on. Well, wonder no more.

roots picnic at the mann
City Life

The Roots Picnic Should Be at the Mann Center Every Year

It’s such a natural fit that you can’t help but wonder what took so long.

P is for Pterodactyl
City Life

Meet the South Philly Rapper Who Co-Wrote a Delightfully Confusing Children’s Book

The book — P is for Pterodactyl — is a New York Times best seller.

City Life

Kurt Vile Loves His Country

The Philly rocker on outrunning the Parking Authority and his latest collection of jams.

Things to Do

The War on Drugs Is the Band We Need Right Now

Rock-and-roll may have lost some of its luster, but Adam Granduciel hasn’t given up the fight.

Things to Do

Movies: The Return of the Philadelphia Environmental Film Festival

PHEFF offers three days of earthly delights at the Prince.

Things to Do

25 Things to Do this Weekend

Queen of Jeans, Dean Wean, Wyclef Jean and more.

Things to Do

Step into the Rage Cage

A North Philly salvage company invites you to smash their things for a reasonable fee.

Things to Do

12 Things to Do in Comedy, Books, Movies, Burlesque and more

Starring Sean Penn, Ali Siddiq and the Easter Bunny.

Things to Do

Music: 7 Shows to See in the Next 7 Days

Ceramic Dog, Run the Jewels, of Montreal and more.

Things to Do

Five Dollar Comedy Week Returns

The festival of cheap laughs starts Sunday at Good Good Comedy Theater.

Things to Do

37 Things to Do This Weekend

Alan Cumming, AWFUL Wrestling, Regina Carter and more.