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peregrine falcon
City Life

It’s the Peregrine Falcon’s World

We’re just living in it.

philadelphia foods

Eight Foods You Don’t Know About Unless You’re From Philly

And maybe not even then. Ask Grandma or Grandpa, though!

Classic philly bakeries

These Are the Must-Try Treats at Six Old-School Philly Bakeries

Check out the specialties that made them famous.

apple trees
Be Well Philly

Six Fruit Trees to Grow in Your Philadelphia Back Yard

Growing fruit-bearing plants is easier than you might think – even if you have a small backyard. Here are some varieties that do well in the Philadelphia region.

hughie mcloon book
City Life

When Philly First Caught Baseball Fever

Things to Do

Nine Great Spots For Bird-Watching in Philly and the ’Burbs

From now through May 15th is peak migration season, meaning it’s a great chance to see lots of cool birds while we wait for the world to open up again.

philadelphia candies
City Life

7 Classic Candies That Got Their Start Right Here in Philly

Who knew all these yummy treats had local origins?

City Life

How Plain Quaker Philly Got Its Wedding-Cake City Hall

In his new book, Wall Street Journal architecture critic Michael J. Lewis spills all the gossip on the backroom politics, influence-peddling, egotistical feuding and occasional (rare) genuine civic-mindedness that resulted in our city’s present built environment.

pennsylvania millennial mayors
City Life

These Millennial Mayors in the Philly ’Burbs Entered Office Eager and Optimistic. Then Came 2020

Here’s what it was like to be the caretaker of an entire community when so much stuff — PPE shortages, school closures, job losses, overcrowded hospitals, toilet-paper hoarding — suddenly hit the fan.

City Life

How Much Do You Know About Philly’s Irish History?

From Tug McGraw to Grace Kelly to the iconic Irish Potatoes, this city has a lot of Celtic connections. Take this quiz to find out how much you really know.

City Life

The Philadelphian Who Made America’s Hotels Posh

George Boldt’s Bellevue-Stratford set the standard for elegance, refinement … and chicken à la King.

william penn
City Life

William Penn Only Spent Four Years In Pennsylvania, And Other Strange Founder Facts

The rest of the time, he was busy being accused of starting various riots, shopping for fancy clothes in Paris, and getting in lots of trouble with the authorities.


octavius catto scholarship
City Life

New Scholarships at Community College of Philadelphia Honor Civil Rights Icon Octavius Catto

A fitting tribute to a Philadelphian who fought for education for all.

Octavius Catto
City Life

Octavius Catto Desegregated the Franklin Institute

The Philadelphia educator, orator, civil rights leader and baseball player awakened the conscience of the city.

president's house
City Life

The First White House Was Right Here in Philly

The President’s House was home to two presidents — and lots of history.