Sandy Hingston


Best Thing This Week: Allen Iverson Gets Paid!

We were getting worried about the little dude, but it turns out he’s just fine.


The Stealth Revolution in Male Hair

From our Coiffure in Chief to Joel Embiid’s twists, what’s fueled the liberation in locks.

sea monsters here navy yard

Best Thing This Week: The Navy Yard Got Legs

We’ll take this type of many-tentacled public art over that hack Jacques Lipchitz any day.


Best Thing This Week: Ed Rendell’s New Gig

Our ex-mayor is lending some heft to the safe-injection-site movement.


Best Thing This Week: The Flyers’ Funky New Friend

Did you know “mascot” comes from the Occitan word for “witch”?

anthony torres brett kavanaugh

What the NJ Transit Shaver Can Teach Us About the Brett Kavanaugh Accusations

A rush to judgment rarely results in the right judgment.

john kerry cheesesteak philadelphia

That Time John Kerry Ordered a Cheesesteak “With Swiss”

And more great moments in cheesesteak history.


Best Thing This Week: He’s Baaack!

Son, take us to the mountain again.


Best Thing This Week: A Very Wet Vacation

We’d like to say nothing could dampen our spirits, but …

college rankings competitive temple scandal

Can We All Agree Now That College Rankings Are Bunk?

The fallout from the Temple business school scandal.


Best Thing This Week: The Return of Nick Foles

Philly Philly: A love poem

philadelphia eagles fandom passion

Why Everybody in Philly Can Agree On the Eagles

We get into our share of fights over things big and small, but we’d no more miss the chance to sit down with each other to watch the Birds than forgo an opportunity to watch a replay of the Philly Special … again.

super bowl parade philadelphia eagles

Meet the Father/Son Duo Who Pulled Off the Eagles Super Bowl Parade

How to plan the city’s best bash ever — in just a few weeks.

game day rituals philadelphia eagles

8 Philadelphians Share Their (Incredibly Bizarre) Eagles Game-Day Rituals

Whatever your recipe for the team’s success, somebody else’s is weirder. We know. We asked.

phialdelphia eagles stats super bowl

10 Stats That Show How Much We Love the Eagles

Our maniacal fandom, by the numbers.