Sandy Hingston

snow days
City Life

2020 Even Ruined Snow Days. Great.

They were one of childhood’s most treasured rituals. Oh well.

City Life

Best Thing: Patti LaBelle Gushes About Philly in the New York Times

Our Queen of Soul gets the royal treatment, and she heaps praise on her hometown.

City Life

Best Thing This Week: Thanksgiving 2020 — it Happened

It was a holiday like no other. And we got by.

City Life

Best Thing This Week: The Philadelphia Union Land Two Big Awards!

It’s official: Our MLS team is the best Philly sports team.

house spiders
City Life

Now That I Never Leave My House, I’m Getting to Know All About the Spiders Who Live Here With Me

Endless months of homebound isolation will make you see your surroundings in a whole new way.

Biden Burger
City Life

The Best Thing That Happened This Week: Japan’s President Biden Burger

Of course, it nods to Philly, where good things happen.

City Life

Best Thing: Alec Bohm’s Up for Rookie of the Year!

The Phils’ third baseman is one of three finalists for the honor. Oh yeah, there was another thing, too …

City Life

Best Thing This Week: All Hallows’ Eve

With a momentous election looming, it’s worth remembering as we commemorate All Hallows’ Eve that there are things we should be very, very afraid of, and then there are the bogeymen.

City Life

Best Thing: One More Trump Campaign Lie Bites the Dust

A new study shows that sanctuary city policies do exactly what they’re intended to do, not what the President and his cronies say they do.

City Life

Best Thing This Week: Robeson’s Richard Gordon Is the Best Principal in All the Land!

How do you turn a school around? Just ask him.

Templeton Foundation
City Life

Science and Religion Have Never Been More at Odds. Can Conshohocken’s Templeton Foundation Bridge the Divide?

It’s shoveled more than a billion and a half dollars at research attempting to reconcile the spiritual and the secular.

City Life

Best Thing This Week: Joe Biden Quotes Doc Rivers

In his stirring speech at Gettysburg, the Democratic nominee evoked what the Sixers’ new coach has said about being Black in America.

bad things happen
City Life

Best Thing This Week: “Bad Things Happen in Philadelphia”

We’ve never been more proud of this city of ours.

City Life

Best Thing This Week: The Summer From Hell Is Over

Fall can only be better, right? Right?!?

City Life

Best Thing This Week: Trump’s Philly Town-Hall Disaster

It was fitting that his pitiful performance took place here in Philly, where a set of other ordinary citizens, 244 years ago, willed the Great American Experiment into being.