Sandy Hingston

home renovation marriage issues
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I Wanted New Wall-to-Wall Carpet. He Wanted a New Sidewalk. 25 Years Later, We Have Neither

The hardest part of home renovation? Agreeing where to start.

philadelphia coronavirus news
City Life

Best Thing This Week: We’re All in This Together, Apart

In a city known for stubbornness, we’re glad to see openness to change in this time of crisis.

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Best Thing: ESPN’s Sixers Mercy Killing

The network has bumped their March 11th game from their national broadcast, proving that we’re not the only ones frustrated with this team.

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Best Thing This Week: No More Fun for You, Mascots!

Oh, wait, that was the worst thing …

turn signals
City Life

Use Your Damn Turn Signals!

Not only do they deter accidents; they could help you find true love.

City Life

Best Thing This Week: So You Wanna Be a Fairy-Tale Bride …

It’s easier to believe in happily-ever-after when you say “I do” in a Disney princess wedding dress, right?

millennial mayors
City Life

Meet the Millennial Mayors Working to Save Philly’s Sleepy Suburbs

They’re young, they’re energetic, they pride themselves on their social media savvy, and they’re determined to bring their post-industrial towns back from the dead — whatever it takes.

phillies spring training
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The Best Thing That Happened This Week: Baseball Again. Thank God.

It’s just what America — and Philadelphia — needs in this darkest hour.

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Best Thing: The Great Gritty Acquittal

Oh ye of little faith …

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Best Thing: Puppy Bowl’s Philly Connections

Get ready to cheer for Kingery, Linus and Coach!

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Best Thing: Finally, the Cooking App You Really Need

Give me the recipe, spare me the annoying backstory.

philadelphia census records
City Life

What Two Centuries of Census Records Taught Us About Philadelphia

The hidden story behind all those numbers.

Outdoor dining at Parc in January
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Best Thing This Week: [email protected]$% Climate Change

We’re gonna get serious about it — just as soon as we get back from the park.

City Life

Best Thing: Matt Rhule’s New Gig

He may be the new Panthers coach, but he’ll always be an Owl to us.

City Life

Best Thing: Kendall Jenner’s Back!

Impeachment? Russian hackers? Climate-change Armageddon? Who cares? Kendall’s in town again!