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The Sad, Seemingly Inevitable History of Blaming Pandemics on “Others”

From “the Black Death” to “the Chinese Virus,” an examination of pandemic-shaming with Penn expert David Barnes.

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Best Thing This Week: Steak-Umm’s Twitter Wins the Internet

Finally, somebody gets to the meat of the matter.

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Best Thing This Week: Golf Cart Blanche

How essential is golf? Apparently, that depends on who you are.

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Best Thing This Week: You Can Hear the Birds Again

They’ve been there all this time, most likely, but who could hear them over all the racket?

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Looking for a Pet in These Stressful Times? Take Mine. Please.

A few things you should know about cats — or my cat, anyway — before taking in a lockdown companion.

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Best Thing: Spring Still Came

Just when you thought life as we knew it was over …

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What You Can Make With What’s Actually in Your Damn Pantry

How to make the most of what you have in your cupboards — whatever that may be.

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I Planned My Granddaughter’s First Birthday Party for Months. Then We Had to #CancelEverything

Our scaled-down version had a lot less hugging and kissing than usual, but no less love. (Also, could anyone use a couple dozen cookies?)

home renovation marriage issues
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I Wanted New Wall-to-Wall Carpet. He Wanted a New Sidewalk. 25 Years Later, We Have Neither

The hardest part of home renovation? Agreeing where to start.

philadelphia coronavirus news
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Best Thing This Week: We’re All in This Together, Apart

In a city known for stubbornness, we’re glad to see openness to change in this time of crisis.

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Best Thing: ESPN’s Sixers Mercy Killing

The network has bumped their March 11th game from their national broadcast, proving that we’re not the only ones frustrated with this team.

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Best Thing This Week: No More Fun for You, Mascots!

Oh, wait, that was the worst thing …

turn signals
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Use Your Damn Turn Signals!

Not only do they deter accidents; they could help you find true love.

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Best Thing This Week: So You Wanna Be a Fairy-Tale Bride …

It’s easier to believe in happily-ever-after when you say “I do” in a Disney princess wedding dress, right?

millennial mayors
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Meet the Millennial Mayors Working to Save Philly’s Sleepy Suburbs

They’re young, they’re energetic, they pride themselves on their social media savvy, and they’re determined to bring their post-industrial towns back from the dead — whatever it takes.