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City Life

The Best Thing This Week: We Voted

In the midst of everything, Philadelphians stood up for democracy.

City Life

Best Thing: Let’s Pile Into the Car and Go Watch a Movie!

When social distancing shuts down your banquet venue, why not turn your parking lot into a drive-in theater?

Be Well Philly

The Weird Etiquette of Coronavirus Walking

When to say “hi,” when to look away, when to step aside, and when to flip the bird — because socially distanced exercise has rules all its own.

City Life

Best Thing: The Phanatic Is Toast

Mascot-free baseball! It’s what we should have had all along.

City Life

Best Thing: A Penn Student Made This Stop-Motion Video of Her Daily Commute

Get ready to feel nostalgic for the Before Coronavirus Times!

City Life

I Didn’t Like to Cook Before the Pandemic. I Don’t Like it Now

Go ahead and post your sourdough selfies and your precious pandemic paella pics — just leave some chicken fingers in the freezer section for me.

stay-at-home order
City Life

We’ve Always Craved Being Home. Then We Were Told to Stay There

A look at what happens when a city shelters in place.

City Life

Best Thing: No, the Phillies Didn’t Scout Donald Trump in High School

“There’s no chance,” says a scouting expert. Thank God somebody finally stood up for the integrity of our baseball team.

City Life

After Coronavirus, Will We Ever Go Back to Wearing “Work Clothes”?

My pandemic uniform has been a pair of sweatpants and a ratty old t-shirt. I’ll be damned if I’m ever going back.

Victor Baldi
City Life

A Funeral Director on Preparing for What’s to Come

Victor Baldi III, the fourth-generation funeral director at Baldi Funeral Home on South Broad Street, on bracing for the surge amid a pandemic.

City Life

Best Thing This Week: At Least the English Language Isn’t Self-Isolating

Merriam-Webster is adding 535 new words to the dictionary. Of course, many of them are pandemic-related.

City Life

The Pandemic Isn’t Bringing Out the Best in People. It’s Showing People as They Truly Are

It’s fantasy to think that difficult times change our very natures.

Be Well Philly

Paying Way Too Much Attention to My Plants Is a Welcome Distraction

Tending to the copious greenery in my home gives me time to pause and marvel.

City Life

Best Thing: Hey, Colonial Theatre, That’s Really Punny!

Now showing: Films for the social distancing era.

City Life

Best Thing This Week: The Delaware Is the River of the Year!

What did Delaware? She wore a bright new honor.