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Best Thing This Week: Dogs Rule Because They Drool

And they may be the key to better mental health.

City Life

Best Thing: Baseball Scientists, Thy Name is Mud

The MLB is mucking around with tradition, and that’s not good.

philadelphia rankings
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How Philly Stacks Up to Other Cities — in Practically Everything

From bedbugs to traffic jams, here’s how our city compares to the rest of America.

best city for sports fans
City Life

Philadelphia Is the Best City for Sports Fans

Our teams’ merely occasional greatness ensures we never get smug and complacent.

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Best Thing: There Was No Eagles Game This Weekend

Sometimes nothing is better than something.

christmas cards
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Hey, How About We Just Let Christmas Cards Die?

It’s getting harder and harder to find comfort and joy these days.

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Best Thing This Week: Going Home

Turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie … and those people you can’t live with, can’t live without.

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Best Thing: A Temple Owl’s Act of Kindness on the Golf Course

For former Temple golfer Brandon Matthews, some things are bigger than the game.

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Best Thing This Week: Penn Law’s Name Game

Penn Law has announced it is changing its name. Penn Law alums object.

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Best Thing This Week: WIP Callers and Their Priorities

Never let a family emergency get in the way of your salient point about an underperforming Iggle.

joel embiid dancing
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The Best Thing That Happened This Week: Joel Embiid Dances

And everyone’s watching!

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The Best Thing This Week: Finally, a Fresh Reason to Oppose Gun Violence!

Appealing to basic human decency doesn’t seem to be working. A new study suggests a different approach.

Leni Lenape sculptures
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The Best Thing That Happened This Week: Not Just Fishtown Anymore

It’s Turkeytown and Turtletown, too.

ben simmons three pointer
City Life

The Best Thing That Happened This Week: Ben Simmons Sinks a Three


sarah tishkoff
City Life

A Penn Genetics Professor Wants to Change How We Think About Race

For most of us, the association of skin color with race is automatic. Sarah Tishkoff’s research shows it’s nothing of the sort.