Philly Today: Penn Student Paper — “Wharton Grad Indicted!”

That's one way to look at it. Plus: a sterling new museum collab, who owns all those AR-15s, and the Phils' very busy Opening Day.

donald trump indicted

Donald Trump was indicted yesterday. / Photograph by Jeff Swensen/Getty Images

Well, something happened.

It’s all about the take, right, DP?

In other news, the New York Times has a big, fancy, lushly photographed story on the collaborative exhibit being put on right now by our very own Academy of the Fine Arts and African American Museum in Philadelphia, featuring commissioned works by 20 artists addressing the question posed by (also our very own) Benjamin Franklin during the writing of the U.S. Constitution: Was the sun rising or setting on American democracy? Seems timely somehow.

By the Numbers

1 in 20: Americans who own an AR-15 rifle. WTF, America.

14%: Decline in Temple’s graduate and undergraduate enrollment since 2019—part of a national trend.

300: Feet of new track added to the Morris Arboretum’s delightful Garden Railway; the arboretum is celebrating its 90th birthday this year.

4: Contestants remaining in the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business & Industry’s 2023 “Cool Things Made in PA” competition: Mrs. T’s Pierogies, Yuengling Lager, Primanti Brothers Sandwiches, and Sheetz MTO. Whatever that is. A winner will be crowned Monday.

And from the Busy-Bats Sports Desk …

The Phils’ Opening Day bout against the Rangers wasn’t exactly a poster child for the new brighter, briefer game of baseball. But it was a good old-fashioned slugfest, with a nine-run fourth inning for the Rangers that chased off starter Aaron Nola, three triples for the Phillies, and a final score of 11-7 in favor of them not us. The Phils had two on in the top of the ninth, but Nick Castellanos struck out to end the game. And cue Phillies fans everywhere:

The Sixers go up against the Raptors at home tonight at 7:30 and are away vs. the Bucks on Sunday at 8.

The Union face off against Kansas City on Saturday at 7:00 at home in Chester — and goalkeeper Andre Blake may be back! (Not that his sub, Joe Bendik, hasn’t been pretty stellar.)

Add the Wooden Award to the list of honors Villanova b-ball star Maddy Siegrist is up for.

The Flyers played last night. And they will play again.