This Is How Philly Dates Now

Dating in Philadelphia has new rules, new ways to meet, and new lingo. / Illustrations by Beth Walrond

The pandemic flipped the whole world upside down, including how and where romance-inclined Philadelphians meet each other. Some three years later, everyone’s trying to figure out how to navigate the apps, the bars and the kickball leagues to find love — or maybe just a fling. Tales from the messy, steamy trenches of courtship circa right now.

Dating Terms Defined


If catfishing is the practice of wholly lying about who you are on a dating app, kitten-fishing is telling a smaller fib to make yourself seem more attractive online—maybe that you’re five-foot-nine when you’re really five-five, for example, or that you love to hike when you’d rather stay home and watch Succession. 

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Beige flag:

The vanilla version of a red flag, which is to say something you see in a dating profile that makes a person come across as dull—“The Office is my personality,” for example, or if all of the photos are mirror selfies at the gym.

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The act of sending flirty signals online — enough to keep people interested, but infrequently enough to leave them wanting more — without committing to making plans to connect in real life. In essence, leading someone on.

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An abbreviation for “ethical non-monogamy” — the practice of being romantically or sexually involved with multiple people, all of whom consent to the relationship structure.

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Showing someone high levels of attention and affection early in a relationship, often in an effort to manipulate a partner.

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A person who enters your life intensely at different periods of time but is never quite within reach to date long-term.


Published as “Looking for Love, Philly-Style” in the June 2023 issue of Philadelphia magazine.