WATCH: Mayor Kenney Responds to Your Mean Tweets

Being a political figure in the social media age must be rough. Before, when critics spoke badly of you, it always remained behind closed doors. […]


Carson Wentz Is Done for the Season: Philly Reacts

Sorry, Philly Jesus, but your prayers apparently fell on deaf ears: The Eagles have just confirmed that quarterback Carson Wentz will miss the remainder of […]

ginkgo leaves

Here’s Why Philly Is Covered in Ginkgo Leaves Right Now

If you haven’t seen carpets of ginkgo leaves on Philly’s streets this fall, you’ve probably seen them littering your Instagram or Twitter feed. And just in […]


What We Learned From Dario Saric’s Epic Twitter Takeover

When thinking about personality and the 76ers, the first player to immediately come to mind is center Joel Embiid. With the big man’s exploits already […]


Lenny Dykstra’s Unsolicited Advice to College Graduates: Work

Former Phillies centerfielder Lenny Dykstra fancies himself an erudite man. Don’t ask us how, but somewhere along the way Nails got the impression that people […]


New Eagle Chris Long Trolls Whining Teammate With Tough-Love Tweet

Newly minted Eagles defensive end Chris Long has yet to play a snap in midnight green, but the Super Bowl champion is already endearing himself […]


Why Did Daylin Leach’s Trump Tweet Explode Like That?

Daylin Leach has been making jokes on the Internet about as long as I have. Okay, maybe he wasn’t posting image macros in AOL chatrooms […]

Donald Trump sworn into office

Trump Is President. Philly Social Media Reacts.

We told you, but in case you somehow missed it: Donald J. Trump is now president of the United States. I did a brief scan […]


Mayor Kenney, Don’t Shut Out the Press

Last week, Mayor Jim Kenney put up a blockade between his office and the press regarding what has turned out to be one of his […]

Mara Wilson with tweet

Philadelphians Heckle Another Minor Celeb into Liking Our City

Mara Wilson is a writer whose recent debut for Penguin, Where Am I Now?: True Stories of Girlhood and Accidental Fame, was well-reviewed. A regular […]

G Philly

LGBTQ Celebrities Sound Off After Trump Victory

After Republican candidate Donald Trump won last night’s race for the presidency, LGBTQ celebrities reacted on Twitter about the news. It’s very clear none of […]

Malcolm Jenkins - interception tweet

Eagles Troll the NFL’s New Social Media Policy

EXCLUSIVE highlight of Malcolm's pick. #FlyEaglesFly — Philadelphia Eagles (@Eagles) October 16, 2016 Last week, news broke of the NFL’s new rules for social […]

Mayor Jim Kenney reads mean tweets.

WATCH: Kenney Reads Mean Tweets Philadelphians Sent Him

In case you missed it (and you probably did), Mayor Jim Kenney turned 58 this past Sunday. To celebrate his birthday, he sat in front […]

G Philly

NATIONAL NEWS: VP Joe Biden Makes the First Wedding He Officiates a Gay One

The vice president officiated at a gay wedding outside his residence on Monday. Joe Biden presided over the same-sex union of White House staffers Joe […]


#DNCDeals: Uncluttered

The #DNCDeals hashtag was a great idea by Philadelphia’s DNC hosting committee. Unfortunately, the hashtag is getting used by more than just local businesses looking […]