What We Learned From Dario Saric’s Epic Twitter Takeover

The jovial Sixers forward dishes on his mustache, where he eats in Philly and how much hair gel point guard TJ McConnell uses.

Photo by NBAE.

When thinking about personality and the 76ers, the first player to immediately come to mind is center Joel Embiid. With the big man’s exploits already legendary, that’s natural. But Croatian sensation Dario Saric is right there with his fellow finalist for the 2017 Rookie of the Year award, endearing himself to the Philadelphia faithful with his own unique brand of humor and zest for the game.

Dario answered an incredibly wide range questions from fans on the Sixers’ Twitter handle on Tuesday – from whether a hot dog is a sandwich (he thinks it’s a hot dog) to his allegiance in the Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James debate (sticking with MJ) – managing to captivate us more with each reply:

Favorite spot to eat out in Philly?

Favorite part of being in Philadelphia so far?

How much hair gel does point guard TJ McConnell use?

Preferred nickname: Super Dario or The Homie?

Rank your mustache in the NBA.

Will JoJo ever get together with Rihanna?

Been to an Eagles game yet?

Do you “Trust the Process?”

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