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mayor kenney grew increasingly frustrated as reporters asked him about philly trash pickup, gun violence and other issues
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Mayor Kenney’s Thursday Zoom Press Conference Didn’t Go So Well

A roundup of Philly news. This article may be updated at any time as new information becomes available. Mayor Kenney Really Didn’t Want to Talk […]

mayor kenney talking philadelphia trash during a press conference this week
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Mayor Kenney to Philadelphia: Knock It Off With Your DIY Home Reno Projects

A roundup of Philly news. This article may be updated at any time as new information becomes available. Your DIY Household Projects Are Contributing to […]

a rendering of a wawa drive thru only store that you will not be allowed to enter
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Wawa’s Newest Concept? A Store You’re Not Allowed to Enter

A roundup of Philly news. This article may be updated at any time as new information becomes available. The World’s First Wawa Drive-Thru Is Scheduled […]

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South Philly’s Eyesore Viaduct: Whatever Happened to the 25th Street Bridge Improvement Project?

Raise your hand if you remember when, in 2015, City Councilmember Kenyatta Johnson stood with officials from the railroad company CSX, shovel in hand, and […]

christmas tree
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Here’s How to Recycle Your Christmas Tree in Philly

This story has been updated to correct the date at the Palmer Doggie Depot. What to do with a Christmas tree after its holiday tour […]

philly street sweeping
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Will Philly Ever Get Its Act Together on Street Sweeping?

Sometime in the coming weeks, the City of Philadelphia will determine the fate of its desperately needed street-sweeping pilot program, which launched in April and […]

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Philly to Facebook: Get Your Dating Ads Off of Our Sidewalks

In case you haven’t heard (or if the ubiquitous social media site hasn’t already informed you — or if you haven’t literally stepped on an […]

led streetlights
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Let There Be Light (Emitting Diodes): Philly to Retrofit All 100,000 City Streetlights

The city of Philadelphia has a great many plans to reduce its municipal energy consumption in the name of staving off climate change. These include ambitious […]

philadelphia recycling
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Philly Finally Has a Fully Functional Recycling Program Again

For the past six months, if you’ve been dutifully taking your recycling to the curb each week, there’s a good chance it ended up going to […]

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Philly Is Incinerating Half of Its Recycling — and It’s Partly Your Fault

On any given weekday, recycling trucks fan out across Philadelphia on a taxpayer-funded quest to save the planet, one blue bin at a time. But […]

street closures construction right-of-way permits
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A New Tool Makes It Easy to Find and Report Unapproved Street Blockages in Philly

Pretty much every Philadelphian will tell you the same thing these days: Traffic in the city feels like more of a nightmare than ever. Try to […]

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Philly Is (Probably) Launching a Street Sweeping Pilot Next Year

Street sweeping is finally returning to Philly. Probably. Nic Esposito, director of the city’s Zero Waste and Litter Cabinet, recently told WHYY’s Radio Times that […]

lane johnson paving
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Eagles Player Lane Johnson Just Helped Pave Philly’s Streets

Here’s yet another reason to love our Eagles players: They help repair our crumbling streets. Eagles offensive tackle Lane Johnson lent Philly’s street paving crew a hand on […]

pizza, paving for pizza, domino's pizza, dominos
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You Can Now Ask Domino’s to Fill Philly’s Potholes

Philadelphia has a lot of potholes. Everyone in the city knows that. But here’s something you might not know (yet): You can now ask Domino’s […]

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How Philly’s New Street Lights Could Actually Be Harmful

As Philadelphia continues its citywide transition toward more energy-efficient LED street lights, there’s growing concern for residents’ health and safety. According to Plan Philly, 3,708 […]