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Christine Speer Lejeune

City Life

When Did Halloween Become an Endurance Test?

One by one, holidays have morphed from single-day celebrations into weeks-long marathons.

City Life

Philly Teens Need to Be Included in Our Public Spaces

The city needs to help empower teens to reimagine their public spaces, to give them a sense of belonging and ownership.

City Life

8 Ways to Make Philly Streets Safer for Kids

From bike lanes to “school streets,” here are steps Philly can take to improve mobility and safety.

City Life

17 Big Ideas to Make Philly a Kid-Friendly City

A Philly that’s better for kids is better for everyone.

City Life

4 Ways to Make Public Transit Easier for Kids

Family-forward transit transformations to make Philly more kid-friendly.

City Life

How to Make a More Kid-Friendly Philadelphia

When we talk about imagining a more kid-friendly city, we’re really talking about caring for — investing in — ourselves.

City Life

The Ultimate Voter’s Guide to the 2023 Philadelphia Mayoral Race

Our comprehensive guide to the most critical Democratic race for mayor in Philly’s history.

pennsylvania pa license plates
City Life

Other States Have Cool License Plates. Why Can’t Pennsylvania?

It’s been 24 years since we’ve had a redesign. But what should a new PA plate look like?

City Life

What It’s Like to Send Your Kid to Main Line Etiquette Class 

Or, why I subjected my nine-year-old to lessons on napkin folding, handshakes and proper fork usage.

City Life

How COVID Warped Our Sense of Time

How the pandemic has skewed our sense of weeks and years and days.

Things to Do

The Ultimate Philadelphia Travel Guide (Especially for Philadelphians)

The most beautiful views you haven’t seen, a tour for every kind of Philadelphian, food secrets from Reading Terminal Market … and dozens more ways to tackle Philly with fresh eyes.

Things to Do

8 Unique Philly Tours You’ll Actually Want to Take

Eight very different ways to see (really see!) your city.

Life & Style

9 Philadelphia Staycations for When You Want to Make a Night of It

From splurges to steals, these hotels are great homes away from home (even though you’re still kind of at home).

City Life

The Philadelphian’s Case for Being a Tourist in Your Own Hometown

And why this is the summer to do it.

City Life

After Two Years of Pandemic Living, We All Really Need Hobbies

Couldn’t we all benefit from something to take our minds off of everything — even if just for a few fleeting moments?