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Christine Speer Lejeune

City Life

The 25 Most Beautiful Philly Streets

We asked around. We pounded the pavement. Philly has a lot of pretty streets. We think these are the prettiest.


Is Progressivism in Philly (Still) Dead?

It’s more than just bike lanes and pot, people.

City Life

Inside Philadelphia’s New Convenience Economy

You can get anything you want delivered, cheap. But what’s the real cost?

City Life

Philly Love Stories

City Life

Philly Love Story: Steve Duross and James Langel

City Life

Philly Love Story: Elizabeth Wellington

City Life

Philly Love Story: Jeniphur and Michael Pasquarello

City Life

Philly Love Story: Todd Carmichael and Lauren Hart

City Life

75 Perfect Philly Dates

The city’s best spots to fall in love.


Letters From the (Real Estate) Trenches

How heartfelt sentiment (and some stamps) helped us win in a brutal housing market.

City Life

The Best Hair Stylists in Philadelphia

No matter what kind of hair you have or look you want, we’ve got the stylist for you.

City Life

Philadelphia Pop-Ups Are Why We Can’t Keep Nice Things


I Tried It: The Hairspray That Promises to Cover My Greys

Can a spray really get rid of grey?

City Life

Philly, Just Get Over Wawa Already

Speer Lejeune: Why so much emotional investment in something so, well, pedestrian?

Things to Do

REVIEW: Willie Nelson at the Mann

“Gentle wisps of pot smoke blowing in the breeze.”