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Christine Speer Lejeune

Be Well Philly

The 20 Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for 2017

From S’well bottles to SoulCycle to NKOTB tickets, here’s what moms really want.

Be Well Philly

The Best Advice for Philly Parents

12 smart tips, tools and workarounds for new moms and dads raising kids in the city.

Be Well Philly

Awesome Fitness Classes for New (and New-ish) Moms

Eight serious sweat sessions where baby is welcome.

Be Well Philly

The 57-Step Bedtime Routine Every Mother Can Relate To

From toxic sippy straws to Amazon Prime: A simple 57-step routine.

City Life

The Internet Is Killing Happiness

Can we stop it?

Be Well Philly

Be Well Family: My Christmas Decorating Fail

Screw you, Pinterest.

Be Well Philly

Awesome Mommy-and-Me Yoga Classes in Philly

Whether you want a hardcore workout or just a little baby bonding time, we’ve a got a class for you.


A Pumping Room of One’s Own

How Philly moms are fighting for their right to pump in privacy.

Be Well Philly

In Praise of My Small Philly House

Or: How to hide from your family in the bathroom.

City Life

What the Philly Grocery Store Boom Is Really About

As Philly sees its grocery-store options expanding, hungry shoppers have to decide: If we are what we eat, who do I want to be?

Be Well Philly

Swim Lessons in Philadelphia

15 (indoor!) spots to get your kid in the water

Be Well Philly

Things I Don’t Care About Since Becoming a Parent

Plus a few things that matter a whole bunch more.

Philadelphia Wedding

Honeymoon Destination: St. Barts

A romantic mix of French culture and Caribbean relaxation.

City Life

Has America Lost its Bravery?

Life in the land of the free and the home of the terrified

City Life

A Moment for Philly Dads

Why dads? The easy answer: because it’s June, and in June, we celebrate fatherhood.