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Christine Speer Lejeune

Things to Do

8 Unique Philly Tours You’ll Actually Want to Take

Eight very different ways to see (really see!) your city.

Life & Style

9 Philadelphia Staycations for When You Want to Make a Night of It

From splurges to steals, these hotels are great homes away from home (even though you’re still kind of at home).

City Life

The Philadelphian’s Case for Being a Tourist in Your Own Hometown

And why this is the summer to do it.

City Life

After Two Years of Pandemic Living, We All Really Need Hobbies

Couldn’t we all benefit from something to take our minds off of everything — even if just for a few fleeting moments?

retail therapy
Life & Style

Why Do We Think Buying Stuff Will Change Who We Are?

When it comes to shopping, hope springs eternal.

covid generation
City Life

What Is Pandemic Life Doing to Our Kids? Maybe Not What We Think

Times are tough, but our kids are tougher.

mighty writers
City Life

In Their Own Words: 7 Philly Kids Write About Their Pandemic Experiences

Local nonprofit Mighty Writers asked these kids to put down on paper their thoughts about the pandemic. Here’s what they had to say.

city parenting
City Life

When You’re Rowhome Parenting in a Pandemic, Everyone Can Hear You Shouting

Raising kids in the city — and during a pandemic — has ruined any illusion that I’m a flawless mom.

rocks state park hikes
Things to Do

Your Guide to Hiking and Exploring Rocks State Park

Climb the East Coast’s most majestic rock and take a dip under a hidden waterfall.

hiking near philadelphia
Things to Do

7 Glorious Hiking Destinations Within a Few Hours’ Drive of Philly

A Philadelphian’s guide to stretching your legs, clearing your head, and shaking off your cabin fever in the great wide open.

lums pond state park
Things to Do

Your Guide to Hiking and Exploring Lums Pond State Park

Fly through the sky, sail calm waters, and bed down in a cozy yurt.

valley forge
Things to Do

Your Guide to Hiking and Exploring Valley Forge National Historical Park

Soak in some history, hike Mount Misery — or Mount Joy! — and be home by happy hour.

hickory run state park hike
Things to Do

Your Guide to Hiking and Exploring Hickory Run State Park

Find the beauty in “Shades of Death” and dine atop a natural wonder.

jersey shore in the fall
Things to Do

Your Guide to Fall Down the Shore

It’s a little-known fact that fall, not summer, is the Shore’s best season. Here are the secrets the summer tourists miss.

cape may in the fall
Things to Do

Your Guide to Visiting Cape May in the Fall

Get your fill of farms, charm and natural wonders.