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Christine Speer Lejeune

nurturing friendships
City Life

How the Coronavirus Shutdown Rekindled Our Appreciation of Friendship

One of the many things quarantine revealed to us is what deeply social creatures we are — exactly how much we crave interaction with people who aren’t linked to us by blood or law.

helen gym
City Life

Helen Gym Is the Most Popular Politician in Philadelphia

Which is either very good news or very bad news, depending on where you stand.

philly skin care
Be Well Philly

Philly Has Entered the Golden Age of Skin Care

Today, beauty is about becoming the best version of you. Luckily for us, our region’s filled with specialists, spas and boutiques to help us put our best faces forward.

surveillance cameras philadelphia
City Life

Philly Needs More Surveillance Cameras. Now.

Yeah, I like it when you watch.

City Life

Philadelphia Is the Best City for Walking

It’s all about what you can see while you’re walking.

philly street sweeping
City Life

Will Philly Ever Get Its Act Together on Street Sweeping?

New York does it. Boston does it. And yet Philly can’t get this basic urban service right.

bill golderer
City Life

Can This Charismatic Pastor Rally Philly Around Its Most Intractable Problem?

Inside Bill Golderer’s big, bold — and, dare we say, revolutionary — idea for tackling poverty in Philadelphia.

City Life

Whatever Happened to Cutting People Some Damn Slack?

There’s plenty to be mad about these days, but somewhere along the way, people started turning everyday issues into sanctimonious ire. Where do we go from here?

philly kids life expectancy
City Life

What If There Was a City Official Whose Only Job Was to Make Philly Better for Kids?

The case for a children’s czar in Philadelphia.

philadelphia property tax
City Life

The So-Philly Tale of How the City Nearly Sold My House Without Telling Me

A thrilling sojourn into the heart of our municipal bureaucracy.

jersey shore playgrounds
Things to Do

5 Great Playgrounds for Kids at the Jersey Shore

Tire out your tyke at these five awesome spots.

new jersey shore attractions
Things to Do

Here’s All the Cool New Stuff You Need to Check Out at the Shore This Summer

Twenty-seven new restaurants, hotels, rides, and more to explore.

marian anderson
City Life

Philly’s Marian Anderson Is Getting Some Long-Overdue Love

Eighty years ago this month, the world’s most famous singer became a civil rights icon.

Things to Do

The 28 Most Romantic Date Ideas Around Philadelphia

Give Netflix a break.

danuta mieloch rescue spa
City Life

How Rescue Spa’s Danuta Mieloch Became the Queen of Skincare

Inside the cult of good face.