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Brian Howard

Brian G. Howard

City Life

The Ultimate Voter’s Guide to the 2023 Philadelphia Mayoral Race

Our comprehensive guide to the most critical Democratic race for mayor in Philly’s history.

City Life

6 Philadelphians With Promising Approaches to Gun Violence Prevention

In the face of a problem that can feel insurmountable, these undeterred citizens refuse to sit quietly by.

Life & Style

23 Things to Do in the Poconos in the Winter

Outdoor adventure, cozy accommodations, endless antiquing, bustling breweries and more.

Kyle Schwarber watches a replay of hit eighth inning foul ball
City Life

Phillies Today! World Series Game Two: What a Bummer

Nobody said this was going to be easy.

Phillies catcher J.T. Realmuto hits the game-winning home run in game one of the World Series
City Life

Phillies Today! In World Series Game One, Phillies Prove They Can Beat Anybody, Any Time, Anywhere

Any doubts about whether they’re in the same class as the Astros were quickly quashed.

City Life

See No Evil. Hear No Evil. Teach No Evil?

Six educators and three writers reflect on the fierce debate over teaching American history in 2022.

City Life

Pa. Could Legalize Medical Psychedelics More Quickly Than it Did Marijuana

Two lawmakers from the Philly ’burbs and a lawyer from Lower Merion are leading the push to legalize medical psychedelics in the state.

City Life

Betting on Philadelphia

yafavtrashman terrill haigler
City Life

Inside YaFavTrashman’s Meteoric Rise From Mild-Mannered Sanitation Worker to Garbage Superhero

For Terrill Haigler, solving Philadelphia’s trash issues is about so much more than clean streets. Is his eager idealism just what the city needs — or will he get swallowed by the muck?

david sylvester
City Life

Philly’s David Sylvester Has Hugged More Than Half a Million People, and He’s Not Quitting Anytime Soon

He started his idiosyncratic quest 20 years ago in the aftermath of 9/11. This year, thanks to him, September 12th will be celebrated as National Hug and High-Five Day.

philadelphia public figures
City Life

The Highs and Lows for Philly Public Figures During a Really Tough Year

A high: Jim Kenney landing $1.4 billion in federal COVID relief. A low: learning Tom Farley okayed the destruction of MOVE victims’ remains.

fdr park golf course
City Life

How the Pandemic Turned a South Philly Golf Course Into the City’s Best New Park

The former municipal golf course at FDR Park became an indispensable natural refuge for many locked-down South Philadelphians over the past year.

City Life

10 Philly Comforts We Hope to See Again in 2021

From cheap ballpark hot dogs to the warm human embrace of our neighbors, it’s time to start reclaiming the things we missed out on last year.

City Life

Philly Mag’s Power Talks

Join Philadelphia magazine for a free and virtual three-part speaker series featuring some of the region’s most influential people.

team gritty
City Life

How Gritty (and His Entourage) Made it Okay to Laugh Again

2020 has sucked, but at least we still have the big orange furball.