riverwards l and i coalition
City Life

This Riverwards Facebook Group Is Keeping Philly Developers on Their Toes

The Riverwards L+I Coalition isn’t your typical NIMBY gripe-fest.

joe girardi
City Life

Can Phillies Fans Learn to Love a Bunch of New Yorkers?

Joe Girardi, the team’s new manager, is leading a New York invasion of South Philly — and we should be okay with that.

foglietta plaza
City Life

Foglietta Plaza May Be Philly’s Most Criminally Underused Public Space

Everyone agrees it could be much more, but nobody agrees on what it should actually be.

joel embiid trash talk
City Life

Joel Embiid Has a Trash Talk Problem

Looked at objectively, the talented young center’s run-ins with other players are the behavior of a bully and a troll.

celebrities in philly
City Life

Philly Is the Best City in America to Be a Celebrity. No, Really.

From Jason Segel to André 3000, we know how to be chill around the famous among us.

Teachers like their jobs
City Life

We Polled Philly Teachers About How Much They Like Their Jobs

We asked 100 local teachers to spill on everything from social media to how they’d spend an extra $1,000.

City Life

Nothing Compares 2 U: The I. Goldberg I Remember

In the ’90s, whether you needed a pair of break-’em-in-yourself Levi’s, camping gear fit for an apocalypse, or a My Chemical Romance getup for Halloween, I. Goldberg was your place.

south philly quiz
City Life

Quiz: How Well Do You Know South Philly?

Mummers! Mosaics! McDonald’s!

philly politics
City Life

Philly Politics Is a Mess. Here’s Why That’s Encouraging.

For too long we’ve been kept down by the rote predictability of our politics.

City Life

Sneak Peek: Inside Philadelphia Magazine’s July Issue

Our July issue drops this week. Are you ready to explore ever-changing South Philadelphia?

arena football
City Life

How Philly Is Making the Arena Football League the Perfect Sport for Gambling

Ron Jaworski is betting you’ll bet big on the AFL.

City Life

Bryce Harper Isn’t From Here, But He Was Born to Play in Philly

Why this phenom from Vegas was never going to sign anywhere else.

prescription drug prices
Be Well Philly

Prescription Drug Prices Are Out of Control. One Man’s Furious Quest to Figure Out Why.

Confusing co-pays. Maddening bureaucracy. Why is our pharmaceutical system such an impenetrable mess?

courtside sixers tickets
City Life

Courtside Sixers Seats Are Philly’s Hottest Status Symbol

These days, if you’re not on the floor for the Joel and Ben show, you’re nobody.

pennsylvania presidential candidates
City Life

Here’s How Likely These 6 Philly-Area Politicians Are to Run in 2020

Put the Pennsylvania back in Pennsylvania Avenue!